Post your desktop!



Pyro, higher res?




I got it from this thread. The OP is more than happy to make requests, so you can probably ask if there isn’t anything that suits your needs. :slight_smile:


Cool, there’s a 1080p version in there right now, ta


Wish there was a wider version of this pic but w/e


We do much more than just hate.


^scientifically impossible… Pinkie Pie defies the laws of physics and is therefore God or some equal powerful entity… Your Warhammer Mecha gets fucked by Love and Tolerance afterwards.

Anyway, here’s mine:


Please pretend I have cared enough about your shitty reply to take time to think of a much better reply, saving both of us a lot of time and energy.
Have a nice day.


I need to clean up a bit, I’d say.

EDIT: Holy fucking shit what happened to my image quality?


You attempt at uniqueness by way of rampant brony hatred is far more annoying that anything to ever come out of MLP fandom.

[color=’#171717’]It would also be annoying to just call you a troll.


I once read a brony discussion about Sonic 2006. Even they hated that game.



I’m a special and unique snowflake.


It’s simple enough logic: The people who actually decide to shut up about their disturbingly stupid interests and let me have a decent game of TF2 are the people I leave alone. You could have very easily not replied to that at all and you would have been much more successful, leaving me feeling like I failed to be funny, considering that that isn’t even my desktop.
It’s actually this:

I likes teh metal sanic
By the way:

I don’t know if anyone else feels this, but there’s this undeniable charm I get from horrid, broken games that for some reason makes me want to play them to later realize they all seem to be console exclusives and I only have a Wii.


Oh, then you could play Sonic and the Black Knight.

God help you.


Except that one is just badly made by way of stupid intentions, rather than intended to be SA1 gameplay gone horribly wrong.

To be honest, Black knight was boring, but I didn’t particularly hate it. I just don’t feel like playing an on-rails melee automated rogndoagnirgnjdfk;jgrn.


Either way, don’t waste your time. Just get Sonic Colors already. It’s actually pretty fantastic.


Kenny, when you review abstract strategy games or FPS’s or shitty flash tetris clones, do you just rant about how they aren’t Sonic?


Sonic was my gateway game. Literally the first game I ever touched was a Sonic or Sonic 2 Genesis cart.

Either that or Altered Beast. So yeah, it’s weird to be passionate about a series that spent a long time in the 3d era sucking really badly. I get it. So when suddenly a game in the series actually gets it right for the first time in over a decade, of course I’m going to plug the shit of it.

I play lots of games in lots of genres. Anything from Persona 4 to Splinter Cell Chaos Theory to Burnout Revenge to Soul Calibur 2. I can do an impromptu rant about just about any of those games.

Oh, and avoid shitty Tetris clones. Hexic HD is where it’s at.

…This post is super stream of consciousness and only kinda answers the question that I don’t quite understand.