Post your desktop!


It was sarcasm, I was poking fun at the ridiculous frequency with which you positively mention Sonic. :stuck_out_tongue:


If anyone needs proof about how great Sonic Colors is, LOOK AT THIS STAGE. The music, the power ups, the tight controls. Seriously, it’s taken THIS LONG to hit people’s Genesis funny bone, and they weren’t even really trying for nostalgia like Generations. Colors and Generations are quality games, and both have their positives and negatives. Colors has the Wisp power ups and some really funny writing, but the controls aren’t quite as polished as Generations is. (Generations maps the side dashes to the left and right buttons on 360 instead of the stick, which makes it a ton easier to control) Generations has longer and occasionally better designed stages, but it also unfortunately has Crisis City remade for the game. Why exactly they decided to remake Crisis City for Generations we may never know, because that stage reminds us of the existence of Sonic 2006 (since Crisis City was from that game). Neither game is perfect overall, but they are really fucking good.

Hiring the writers of Happy Tree Friends and totally reworking the camera and game mechanics was the best possible design decision for Colors, as was the abandonment of the attempts to be taken seriously as a story driven experience. Colors is crammed to the gills with self-parody and an overly comic tone, and it just delights my inner 12 year old to see Sonic finally taking himself less seriously. Plus, most of the levels have Eggman announcements in the background full of dark humor. So yeah, play it.

Oh, and another thing- Guess who voices Sonic now? Roger Craig Smith. a.k.a. EZIO AUDITORE.


I like how you guys started talking about sonic just by my being here and not by my words because:

came before I even posted my Metal Sanic desktop.
Although Im not sure if it was just the vibe of me being a huge enough nerd for everyone to know already.:retard:


You give off of a very strong vibe indeed, but it is most certainly not a nerdy one.


Really? Damn.


Okay, folks, back to the desktops.


But how am I supposed to post in this thread from my desktop, I need my web browser.


Oh, all so many of the ragefaces I could use to describe this post.


We’d appreciate if you refrain from that and substitute genuine emotion



Anyway, here’s some Dwarf Fortress fan art I was using as a wallpaper for a while:



:retard: wat.


did he use a word that’s too big for you?


EDIT: Okay, okay, I get it, no more nicolas cage.
I don’t really think I know what I thought I might have possibly been doing until after I realized I had already done it.


images aint words, try dropping them from your vocabulary. Especially the over-circulated ones


I was back at my first college a couple of months ago, passed by the main auditorium and there were a bunch of students there waiting for the professor to arrive.

They were filling the whiteboard with badly drawn memes. These people are 18-19. Do you they have the brainworms?


People did that at my high school, too.


I’d be lucky to find people here who are even aware of image memes.


I’m glad most of the people I know don’t even know about them


they dont seem to be that big of a deal over here, get referenced sometimes maybe that’s all