Post your desktop!



There, this meme wins. Because it started before the internet.



I really didn’t think I would cause all that by only being stupid twice.
You know, the first being this shitty topic:

At least I know it’s shitty, compared to some forums.
Also update:

I have this strange fondness for games that don’t make any sense.


^ - Someone likes the taskbar.


To be fair, that’s a pretty clever way to use the windows 7 task bar, since the program icons don’t get much bigger when they’re open.


Program icons on the taskbar increase in size when they’re open?


Even in eyefinity 5040x1050, there is no way all of my programs could fit on the taskbar, so I just revert to Windows XP mode (no icons unless program is running, never group and never hide text) Also I do have about 10 icons in Quick Launch toolbar… Did you guys know that if you create the quicklaunch folder in Win 7, newly installed programs will put their shortcut there just like in XP/Vista.




What are you talking about? They don’t even cover 1/3 of my desktop. :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually clean up when there is only space for 1 icon left. :frowning:


But, windows search?


quick launch >>>> pinning

i don’t find pinning practical at all, it’s much cleaner when using quick launch


I never understood this obsession with clean space. Whats the point of the space if it just sits there empty and unused forever?


It sits there ready to be used by programs other than the ones you would pin on the taskbar, also you can see the title instead of using “Aero Peek” hovering mouse previews


exactly, i’d rather have titles than icons


me and drow got this thing…


Might I ask where you found that first wallpaper?


Lets be literal




I see student life still has it’s firm grip on you.



Get a soda bottle tied to your leg and a refrigerator and you’re set for life.