Post your desktop!


Bev Holster, soda grabber at large


“Ross Siggers.”


dualbooting is not a crime, although you could disable the selection screen timer so that they don’t notice during boot time



if you need any assistance try to catch me on steam chat, also to avoid one of them crapping out you need to change the location of the pagefile.sys and hibernate file to the appropriate partition (not drive C:\ for both)


that reminds me, has w8 finally added the option to move your program files and profile folders? probably not

junction shortcuts are a pain in the ass to implement


What with trips and full time work I actually spend relatiely little time at that computer. I mean atm I’m on the other side of the world…

You point good sir.


I haven’t posted here in awhile


Bought a New Desktop


Stopped caring so much what my desktop looks like, I only see it for around 2 seconds before i open something anyway. Also the icons are very boring, never bothered to change them. :stuck_out_tongue:
Arch + XFCE


You paid for a screenshot of Episode 2? Or do you just mean you bought a new system and started clean with your files?


Actually he bought a replacement top for his desk.


Bought a new Desktop computer.
Did some minor file and data transfer from the old machine to the new one.
Got a cool looking Desktop Background.

Who would ever pay for a picture anyways?[/SIZE]


yeah buying pictures is so stupid

should’ve bought screenshot capture software instead :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s this thing called “art”. Basically, people who are self-righteous enough that it affects other people sell paintings and photographs to other people to help them become more self-righteous.


wut, self-righteous? maybe they sell their stuff so they can make a living doing what they love


That wasn’t a jab at legitimate painters or photographers, I meant it to be a joke about people who sling pig blood or something at a canvas and call it modern art.


that scene actually had value as art, before EP2 was released that is (it was used as concept art to make the map)


The irony in a post criticizing people for thinking they’re better than other people and in turn coming off with the same self-righteous attitude.


It’s self-righteousness all the way down.