Post your glitch!

I have seen idle talk here and there about glitches related to the Half-Life games, but to the best of my knowledge, there isn’t a thread for this. With that being said, my apologies if there is. If nothing else, this thread should serve as an excuse to remember all the good times, and play Half-Life again.

Moving on: The name says it all. Post your glitch! These can be from any of the Half-Life games, including WON or Steam releases, but i’d like to primarily focus around the original Half-Life games (non-source) as there is a shit-ton more to post about.

Rules are simple:

  • Provide a screenshot/description of where/how to find or perform the glitch
  • Can be from any Half-Life game from Won or Steam, from Half-Life 1 alpha to Episode 2
  • Be clear and specific on what the glitch does, and how to find it or perform it with step-by-step instructions and/or screenshots
  • As screenshots of walls and such can be diffucult to discern from one another, be sure to post what game the bug is from

Lastly, my definition of glitch to prevent confusion:
Any broken mechanic, problem with the engine, bug, mapping issue, exploit, or problem that would otherwise be not be considered “normal” and is “fun” to find.


So, to kick things off:


Half-Life 1 (Works on both WON version & Steam)

This is a lesser known bug that allows you to fall through the floor in Office Complex. It’s located directly to the right of the trashcan behind the scientist below.

Walk behind the scientist to the corner behind him, put your face in the corner of the two walls, and you just fall through the floor.

(Pretend they are from Goldsrc, all i had on me.)

Do we have to have screenies of the glitch?

It would be easier for people to find the bug/glitch, and are preferred, but no.

I don’t have any screenshots, but The Sims 2 on DS is packed full of glitches. I was playing a while ago and everything turned in to block white colours.

Half-Life 2

Stalker ragdolls glitch out.

Spawn a stalker, have a vortigaunt kill it.

N/A, yet.

In 22 hours I’ll edit this post (mabie).

This isn’t a HL glitch, but once I was replaying Crysis 2 and in the level Masks Off when you are supposed to see Hargreave on the monitor it glitched and these random statistical things were there instead. Upon further investigation I found that the same statistical things were on a small screen in the small room behind (if you’ve played it you know but I won’t spoil it).
I have attached the images I took of it, sorry really bad quality, rushed to take them with an iPod camera.

Why are you people non-hl glitches when this is clearly in the Half-Life subforum?
The excessive bloom on monitors after HL2 got the orange box update always annoyed me.

How about deactivating HDR then?

Don’t be silly.

c’mon man! I’ve got a shit ton of glitches in my colection, but I think this is the most hilarious XD:

GAME: Half-Life 2
INFO: Breen’s skin is invisible
INSTRUCCIONS: I don’t even know how it happened XD

I know in Episode 1 I had a similar glitch with Alyx & some times the game would crash for no reason. There were also random bits of geometry stretching out to infinity. It turns out all I needed was a video driver update.

I find a glitch in every single game I play, but the most recent ones are:

In Portal 2, some of the desks do not have collision models

My first time playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I went up to the top floor of Sarif Industries and when the elevator door opened, all the geometry was invisible haha

In QUBE, when going down the large elevator, you can get stuck on the walls if you jump or crouch against them

In Serious Sam 3, if you melee the large fat dudes (forget what they are called) and some other enemy interrupts you, his head will get attached to you

There were a couple in L4D2 I had screenshots of in steam, but lost them somehow… but quite often the limbs of zombies tend to get stuck in walls or objects if you kill them while they are jumping, then their bodies go flailing all about smacking the geometry in a futile attempt to get loose.

This shouldn’t be a Half Life only thread.

The Half-Life/Portal series are really the only games I’ve played any amount of time.

But I do have a glitch (don’t have a screenshot or video) and it’s in Half-Life (GoldSrc engine, not Source). Near the beginning, you take a funicular platform down to the canals area and headcrabs begin sliding down the ramp and off the platform into a small gully with a rotating crusher in the water.

Anyway, if I ride the platform down, about 2/3rds of the way down the ramp, I would get “crushed” by something. The crushing Gordon sound would play and Gordon would die. No rhyme or reason for it, as far as I can tell. I can’t get around it either. I’ve taken to just noclipping down the ramp and then knocking noclip back off and continuing from there.

GoldSrc had issues with getting stuck in elevators and moving platforms… One of the most annoying bugs i’ve dealt with.

It’s in the Half-Life subforum, so it should be.

Speaking of clipping glitches, when i first played HL, i jumped out of the tram.
You just need to repeatedly jump into the back left corner, when the tram turns and/or the next map loads, move a bit to the right and the tram will get stuck (you may too), so at that point move around a bit 'till you get completely stuck. Then you can quicksave and quickload or just pause/unpause the game (i dunno exactly how did i fell out this time, i got stuck, paused, went to get some snacks, when i unpaused - here it was), and you’ll fall out of the tram.
I fired up HL and did it here. After that you can fall down to where the copter is, and if you walk around a bit, you might step on a mapchange trigger and get this.

Especially in Opposing Force … There I went so far as to do a quicksave before taking any elevator.