Post your glitch!


I did that in all goldsrc games. Sometimes jumping up and down on the elevator helped it for me, but I still got stuck on most elevators at least once.


Yeah, but how many glitches can there really be in Half Life. It would be cool to see more out of this thread; people are already posting things from other games.


There was a glitch in half-life blueshift, in the beginning.

You are about to take the elevator down right in the beginning of the game, the elevator is supposed to crash at the time where the Resonance Cascade occured.
Anyway, you need those scientists in the elevator in order to get down.
But somehow in one of the sequences they both die (without any sense to it, gibs all over the space).

The screen goes black and tells you the game is lost since you killed those guards.


But if you read the post of he guy who started this thread, the point was to find half-life’s glitches. Just because some people didn’t bother to read anything other than the tread name doesn’t mean the thread’s ruined forever & it’s now a free-for-all.


In Call of Duty: Black Ops there was a glitch while I was playing zombies with a few friends on moon where the astronaut asshole was disco dancing the entire match in the same spot. Like this. We got pretty far because he wasn’t attacking us too.


Posted elsewhere already, but still cracks me up all the time, especially when I see it ingame


I cringe when I see a topic about half life and it turns out the posts are about other games


Aah, that happened to me too. Would be a fun tombstone: “His last words were ‘Greetings’.”
Anyways, a glitch I found in HL Source, I haven’t tried it in Half-Life yet, when you walk into a scientist enough time, he automatically teleports behind you.