Post your picture


This thread is teh fail

It was better when I thought you looked like a clone of Patrick Stewart.

Really, a similar thread in the forum before the crash was teh secussful.

Hot: Get a haircut.

That’s the spirit!

needs moar pics before I feel safe posting mine.

I’ll trot out the same one I posted in Catz’s thread before (me in the middle) of me on a drunken night out with a fluffy halo over my head:

Although I’ve lost weight so I’m gonna look for (or take) something more recent at some point.

Wait a minute? Barnz, are you P-Thunder?

What? Who are you talking to? And Paddy is still P-Thunder as he always was far as I’m aware.

IBranz, he looks like Paddy to me.

I will say he looks like , but I’ll also that he probably isn’t.

EDIT: Also, there’s a disturbing large number (63) images of paddy on catseyez site? :fffuuu:

I demand a hi-res version.

It’s the curly hair me thinks.

But he has straight hair as well…

ITS A MYSTERY!!! :awesome:

ibanez has been on the forums almost as long as paddy, so I doubt it.

Or it’s his twin! DAWN DA DAAAAAAA!!!

I might post a pic here. So far the only other evidence of me is one I posted like, years ago. Catseyez has evidence ;(

brb :stuck_out_tongue: