Post your picture


Hawt Nord men :jizz: Just like in my romance novels!


yes… yes… i’m irresistible!


almost most recent


I ll not post my photo! just look at that guy in my profile, cute han? haha


This thread isn’t half the thread the old one was. Needs more Shadi shops.


Oh, this again? Granted it´s not my most recent one, but it´s the most interesting one :S


I have this one in my dropbox folder.

Don’t remember what it was for though.


Right, I believe this is where I left off.

Also, that Shadishop was when he was ranting about race, or something.


Shadi shopped himself into different racial forms, and when he removed it, someone explained what had happened by saying “Shadi photoshopped himself into different races.” You responded with the picture and laughs were had.


I could drop my entire collection of Shadis, but that’s no fun. I need new material to work with.

Edit: Okay, here’s what I could come up with. It’s not much, but, eh.


It’s the most unpleasant celebration on Earth.


I can’t believe you remember that.


Also this.

Satisfied, Mr. Soup?


Sloppy job.



I have aged a lot since this project started. :frowning:


A pic from our last LAN Party, I’m on the right.


But but but… didnt you used to have uber long soft silky hair? Or was that someone else I am thinking of?


well then you age well. (meant in the most non-creepy non-perverted way possible)


Here I am. :3


he did.