Post your picture


Eric “balls deep” fong.


As Greg would call me…



That red outfit and pink skirt suits you, Fong. :slight_smile:



More like mismatched lighting, learn how to see Viv, c’mon.


Well you certainly scrub up good.



Because he is the [COLOR=‘Red’]FAGGOY[/SIZE]


I knew someone in high school that owned 7 pairs of the same shoe in different colors, and would purposely mismatch them, along with nay of his other shoes that he owned.


problem with that technique is that you risk favoritism to some degree and some colors will be more worn down that others resulting in an off-balance stride


Me likey.


Fnork also likey.

This is Fnork’s likey face


I can see the nasal mucous. Good job.


I see black and white.

Burn in hell, infidels

White sheep among the blacks?

Unintended Templar photobomb.



It’s just Greg sucking at spelling


Nah, faggoy crept into my vocab during a skype call that you weren’t in :v

Faggoy and sweer


Oh look it’s this thread, I haven’t posted here in a while.


Had some fun shaving. Didn’t keep it for long enough to put a shirt on though.


You were great in that Gattaca movie.


Fnork went ahead and joined the douchebag club