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Fnork started being a douchebag when she started talking about herself in the third person.


I realized last night that I’ve literally never participated in this thread.

So have a low-resolution, grainy laptop webcam picture of my ugly mug I just took.


Fnork transformation into Fong: 70% complete


Pony artist and internet sensation “PikaPetey” discovered there was an article about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica. He commemorated the occasion with a tumblr post:

That is my forearm in the background.


Although it doesn’t seem like it, this was a totally spontaneous shot.
And by the way, I really enjoy looking up all these nostril, between all these theeth and trying to figure out why Fong is (almost) always around a shopping mall :wink:


looks up what Markiplier looks like
I found one image that kind of looks similarish.
(Disclaimer: Not me)


Me at the airport at 5:00am flying out to Florida (before I figured out how to reverse to camera).

Me in the rental car driving up to West Palm Beach (also before I figured out how to reverse to camera).

Palm Trees! (I needed a shave)

Another shot of me about to not eat lunch at the restaurant behind me (I eventually did eat there on the third attempt when they weren’t so busy that there was a waiting line).


That last pic is gold.



Haha I was wondering why TGP was your profile pic Acade.


This is the first time I have changed my avatar on any forum in around 8 years.

Deal with it.



Dealt with it by forgetting whatever your old avatar was.


Just me resting on the floor


I can’t believe Eric Fong is fucking dead.


Dead as hell(Friend did it for me)


I should have been facing the other way when I clicked this off at the Philly Four Seasons.

I was also at Rutgers stadium the other day.

Down on the field and everything.


I now imagine TGP’s job having him pacing the football field with a tape-measurer, marking off 20’x20’ plots so he can get its square-footage.


Bitch! I have a 35 foot tape!

[COLOR=‘Black’]And for the record we used professional surveying equipment that plots points directly into Autocad. All I needed to do was stand at a corner with a marked card so the machine could laser in on a specific target. It was tiring but not so much as doing it with a tape.


Ahaha, oh god, I just laughed how I imagine Fnork laughs… there’s something just too funny about the name FATMAX.