Post your picture


Looking the same as always.


But Fnork doesn’t do the laughing, Fnork only does the stomach convulsions and the exhaling sharply.

And while I’m here I might as well post the latest proper picture of me I could find because why not, it’s been a while.


Here’s a random photo of me after I got a really nice haircut a while ago.


Love the boots!

But your attire is sending mixed messages. I can’t tell what model of socialism you endorse.

Looks pretty good. Now imagine if that was the verge of how long your hair is allowed to be :stuck_out_tongue:


Shitty impromptu The Dude costume I did for my school’s official pre-halloween fancy dress day

I even had to go buy some milk wearing this, but unfortunately I didn’t have anyone with me who could take pictures.

And yes, I walked about outside in cold and rainy October dressed like that. It was, uh, slightly chilly at times.


Technically, the dude’s hair was longer and he had a beard.


That’s why it’s shitty.


Fnork, is that a wig hanging on your hat hanger?


It’s the hair she removed from the dead guy two nights ago.


Yes. Said wig previously featured here on the Black Mesa forum in posts such as this.


Fnork you are so fnork is just unbelievable


The douch-e-fication of Fnork continues, new flavours include Upper-Class Twit and Pretentious Fedora Fucker



Oh my god, Maxey is Fnork.


He’s missing the fedora.


I drew this thing that happens at some point in one of my comics, where two of the protagonists duel.

Also the police have mistaken them for the person who’s been eating the skin of people in the city and so they’re being shot at.


In my defense, I have 100% more facial hair.


Still not a lot, get good


Dr. Hamfist prepared his dreaded claw attack and the MLP reaper prepared his friendship scythe amid a hail of spitballs from the rest of the class.


I’ve grown thicker facial hair than that. Give it a few weeks, it’ll be thick enough, though I don’t know how your biology handles.

It always itches though… how the fuck do you deal with the incessant itching.

[COLOR=‘Black’]No seriously…