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I hate facial hair, so I try my best to keep shaved. It itches and looks bad imo. Not to say some people can’t pull it off, cause many men can.


It depends. I look okay with the goatee, but it itches like crazy when I let it grow out.


If you want to see my photo, then here’s who I’m constantly told that I look like and I really can’t disagree. I’ve even posed with people in order for them to fool their friends.


Doesn’t itch for me. Also, doesn’t grow much thicker than that, or at least I never let it grow more than that, nor do I have any interest in doing that.

By the way, I just shaved it all off. Clean as a whistle.


…or a human computer virus capable of transforming the carbon in her body into diamond-strength material and a mentally unstable immortal warrior prince are mistaken for the homicidal shadow demon convicted of eating the souls of citizens of Portland and shot at during their duel.
[COLOR=‘Black’]wow, both of these things sound stupid [/SIZE]


Most comic/manga plots sound pretty stupid when you talk about them in objective terms. You just have to be completely committed to how over-the-top ridiculous it’s going to be, and if it’s over-the-top enough, it transcends stupid into awesome.

One of the characters in the Bleach doujin I have in my head (that I’ll never make because I can’t draw and I refuse to relinquish any creative control to someone who actually can draw) features a character whose zanpakutou, harineko (“cat in glass”) has a bankai that traps its user and her opponent in a separate dimension where they share nine lives. Each time one of them dies, they revive completely healthy and full of vigor, but the one who dies the ninth time stays dead, and then the dimension collapses and the winner and the loser’s body are returned to reality. The zanpakutou’s wielder is compelled to announce how many lives have been spent every time one of them dies, so she has to be careful to make sure that she’s the only one who gets killed the first eight times, otherwise the opponent will catch on.

It’s dumb when you lay it out like that, but when you’re actually reading the thing, and the opponent is getting worn down and beaten around by an enemy who just keeps reviving at full health every time she’s killed, and he’s become convinced that her bankai has given her and her only nine lives and that he would have to kill her nine times and she only has to kill him once, but then he’s so exhausted that he slips and fails to block an attack and accidentally gets killed… and he revives, thinking… “What? I was killed there for sure…” and then she, with a frustrated and slightly panicked look on her face, mutters, “…seven.” and, as the reader, you piece together what’s happening along with the character who’s fighting? In that moment, it’s really fucking cool, if I do say so myself.

If I may offer some criticism, the guy in purple looks like his shoulders are broken. He’s probably supposed to have his arms raised over his head, but he looks like he twisted them down and then back up around, instead.


Hey look it’s old man Fnork.

Oh, and because I haven’t been androgynous enough in a while there’s also this


What the fnork

EDIT: Top picture looks like a hobbit Sherlock Holmes.

EDIT: EDIT: How old are you even. My goodness fnork, the human enigma.


Reminds me of the vampire from Let the Right One In.


I feel like I should be offended. I saw the trailer to that movie and the acting was absolute balls, I’d like to think I’m better than that.


Trailers don’t showcase the awkward contexts which warrant behavior potentially interpreted as poor acting. I assure you, I was never distracted during a scene by the way it was acted.


You also don’t tend to notice bad acting in the same way if you don’t understand the language being spoken.

At least I assume you don’t speak Swedish, om du nu mot förmodan gör det vet jag inte vad jag ska säga.


This store had all the ice cream perfectly sorted and lined up. Never seen anything like this in my life, was overjoyed.


Oh wow that’s incredible.


Hey I totally Sverige, mot gor vad du eter jag ater inte mine vanner formodan det hurdy gurdy.


Mein Leben, ich kann nicht sprechen schwedisch, nur Englisch. :frowning:


Hey look, it’s “art”

I didn’t see this before. It really would please me to no end to have you guess.


Holy shit, this forum changed quite a lot. Anyway, went to shooting range last Saturday.

[spoiler]Video if you want to watch:



I was expecting bows tbh.


I’d mention archery range if I use the bow, love. :wink:

Is your sig suppose to make fun of Emiya Shiro?