Post your picture


Yup yup. And i was being sarcastic, since you’re usually in Templar uniform.


Today you only get half my face.


Another day at the office…[/size]


Pretty small cubicle, but at least it has a view.

Why do you have so many clocks, though?


FNORK MYSTERY SOLVED. I just saw your Signature.

I’ll admit I was pretty damn confused, I was pretty close at first, I thought you were a young female, but then you posted a picture of yourself in like a batchelor bathrobe and then Old man Fnork and then I was so damn confused I just couldn’t even.

I thought you must have been at least somewhere between 18 and 45.


Welp then, I guess that’s that.

Also pic


This thread needs some love

At this point we can rename this thread Post your Fnork


Soon the Internet will not consist primarily of LOLcats but simply… Fnorks…



That’s pretty Fnorked up.


Yep, I’mma just keep on Fnorking.


What are you eating? or, more appropriately, drinking?


Looks like tea to me. Either that, or soup made out of old leaves.
Though it could be mushrooms, but not even dried funnel chanterelles are that thin.


Tea. I’m to lazy to put the leaves in a strainer.

Also from now on I will not reply to thread without a pic


Hey look it’s hipstery teacher against a background that doesn’t quite match Fnork!


Definitely John Lennon.


Hm, yeah, I can kinda see that.




A recent pic of my latest haircut
. [attach=3661,none,528][/attach]


…is that a Black Mesa smartphone cover?


I swear I’ve seen it somewhere before, it looks familiar.