Post your picture



Now I need one.


Yes it is. I had it done locally and it is an awesome cover. :slight_smile:


Hair has been cut.


My wees are kneak.


I see this has become the Fnork thread…


ehr mah gawd its jambo! For some reason I still have that picture of you in the green hat on my hdd somewhere.

And in the early BMS days.

I like to think I havent changed much. Maybe Im 15% less angsty and 10% less annoying at best.


I have changed somewhat…


You used to be the pinnacle of manliness jambo what happened


Hi, it’s been awhile.


Eric Fong! What a blast from the past!


It looks as though he lost his job, house, and family over the winter.

Fortunately, he was able to steal a cell-phone to call for help.


Hahaha! There is no winter in Malaysia btw


Pretty much yeah and look at that a brand new page without any Fnork let’s rectify this.


Are you grilling rolled up bacon?


Rolled up on chicken skewers, yes.




Darn, I thought it was bacon-wrapped marshmallows.


So guys I think I might actually be Male_07



Time for you to dress like City 17 citizen lol