Post your picture


“This beat katana anyday.”


Fnork had a prom.


Fnork is pretty and has pretty friends.


Friends? No, comrade, I am pretty sure those are Fnork’s dates.


Still analyzing what uniform that is…

… dat Rick Astley vinyl though




Not actually one uniform but a hodge podge of whatever militaria I own. The jacket is luftwaffe, the cap I believe ukranian, and the thing that looks like a shirt is actually a female officer’s dress, Swedish, I think. I also had Swiss boots and the Enfield of course is British, so yeah not a single matching nationality.

That vinyl is my pride and joy, included because I wanted all my favourite people in one picture.


D’awwww you scrub up gud


Fnork had a graduation


You look so excited to be on that truckbed. Congratulations.

I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of your classmates are wearing hats of nautical appearance. This seems like an ideal opportunity to introduce my recently acquired hat of nautical appearance. This is my first contribution to this thread, despite my monopoly on the Ladies Club, so the low quality is acceptable in this circumstance (and this circumstance only). Identifying information has been removed.


Then there was that one time Fnork turned into a hobbit


yolo right?


Good job.


no context


Eep. What happened to your hand? That looks painful ><


Knives are dangerous stuff.

Nah, I actually just burnt myself on the heater in the oven, it looks worse than it is.


I’ve never posted in this thread, so I have to do it now while I still have more edgy teenage faggotry in me than is healthy.


Get a haircut, you damn punk, etc.


But then I’ll have less to distract from my everything else.


Damn kid w/ your hippin and hoppin