Post your picture


Most unorthodox.


Here is a photo of Fnork enjoying some noodles.

Thank you for your time.


I don’t think spaces like this were made for Goat Pigs…


Downsizing, I see. That’s the way to save beaucoup money. Reminds me of my 6’4" self at work on a summarine.


Are those Swedish graduation hats?



Well the one I’m wearing isn’t but that should be pretty obvious.


Yeah :smiley: Caught my eye is all. They´re very similar to Finnish ones.


Why do you wear a sailor hat for graduation?


Because they’re setting sail on the next leg of their journey




I don’t rightly know, it’s always mystified me.
'tis why I refused to partake in their nonsense and decided to wear a bear cunt.


I dunno. It´s been a tradition for over 200 years, so…



Me doing kung fu with a couple of other people in a 360 video. Use the WAD keys to look around.


Damn, it’s not working.


I realised you guys might not know what I look like now, I can’t have that let’s rectify this most serious of problems here’s the most recent picture of me

Jesus christ what a colossal fucking faggot now there’s a punchable face if I ever saw one.


Congratulations, you now look 12!


What didn’t I before?


a whole heap of gay ass genderbending faggotry incoming:


I was mildly okay with how I looked in a picture for the first time in a while.