Post your picture


Do you even lift, bro?


lol is that still a thing


You kinda look like you’re a groupie for an indie band.


I don’t know what that means but I’m gonna assume it’s p. bad.


Haha not necessarily good or bad. More like an “eye of the beholder” thing really.


Your shirt is modeled after a plastic bag from some small convenience store, isn’t it?


Yep, I based it off those generic grocery bags since most people have probably seen them.


My look doesn’t change enough to make posting a new picture worth it this year…


Do it anyway


Well, from what I read I gather you got some substantial raises on your job. That makes your look a lot diffrent to some…


Friends: Let’s go party

Me: I can’t afford that, I’m saving up to buy a girlfriend


tgp doesn’t have friends lol

also here is fnork doing the same face as always because what do you expect


I don’t know why you are singling tgp out its not like any of us actually have friends, let’s be real here.


depends on what you count as a friend


I don’t count demons summoned through little animal bone shrines fnork. Those are not friends.

Hroxyhajjigar does not want to go see The Avengers with you at the theater or go for sundaes.




but do you think summoning a demon is a one person job?

and who cares about going to the theatre together
getting laid is better anyway


weren’t you asexual a coupleof years ago? I sure hope you aren’t turning into FancyPants…


This place has been in constant decline since losing FancyPants, and you know it.


Figured I’d join in.