Post your picture


Is that a stripper pole trophy


She was a cesspool of personality, and all these years later I am still glad that whoever it was banned her (wasn’t me, it was a developer I believe).



But of course. This butt of mine is known far and wide :slight_smile:


I think you misunderstood.

Your butt is KNOWN for being far and wide.


Maxey you’re so slippery smoove like an otter


To be fair, there’s a combination of lighting and lack of photo quality that hides many of the nuances of my face.


Honestly her posts probably had the same sort of appeal as trashy reality television.




You kinda remind me of the guy who played Gabriel in Supernatural, tbh Maxey.


maxey’s eyes are disturbingly far apart


Well, at least I don’t look androgynous.



Oh hey, bom dia there, maxey!


Howdy, amigo.


Hey I’m grown up now


Facebook keeps telling me my profile picture is old as shit so I took a selfie and shopped the fudge out of it


Here I am with one of my best friends, celebrating the end of 2017.


Those suits are magnificent.


Yes. Yes they are. (They’re cheaper where I purchased them from Sweden).