Post your picture


Taken a few months ago for campaign pictures.


I need to shave my head again, but it is so cold out…


Commented this on my friend’s post in Facebook, it’s very convenient that it’s still there haunting his FB News Feed…


You remind me of a friend I used to have from one of my old schools.

also i just realised hubicorn’s trophy isn’t a stripper pole, it’s a crowbar fml fml


I popped a Patches squat in this photo without even remembering I was wearing my Dark Souls T-Shirt.


Pic ain’t working.


What he said^


fucking Google Drive


You look absurdly friendly


I’ll have to work on that.


You messed up. The toilet was just a bit more to your left


I sleep on an air mattress that doesn’t hold air now


whose arms are those


what sorta question


Crypt, you look like an anime character.


He’s right. why do you sleep on an air mattress anyway?


I get that a lot. Also old people routinely ask “What happened to you?” in a very condescending way while pointing at my hair. Having ridiculous hair is a good way to distract from your lack of personality for a few moments.

Because my living situation is shit and I don’t really have room for a real bed or mattress. It’s actually not the most uncomfortable thing ever, but if it has a hole and you wake up half on the ground, half on slightly squishy rubber it’s not a good time.


Are you the yu gi oh kid?


ooh, I know that feeling (low on cash and sleeping on a crappy mattress) . I really have to ask…how old are you? (just curious)…as for the hair…it somehow reminds me FF XV (combination of Noctis and Prompto)


If I was as skilled at card games as Yugioh or as hot as Noct or Prompto my life would be very different and I probably wouldn’t be sleeping on an air mattress in a crappy apartment.
Also I’m 20.