Post your picture


it’s cause i dont think those are your arms since there’s someone behind you, is it a friend or something


Those are my arms. I guess I was laying kinda awkwardly because shit mattress

Because I haven’t spammed this page enough, here’s me getting kicked in the face


oh shit i fucked up, i thought the white thing in the foreground was your body and you were laying with your chin to it


Your usual training day?


First time on a beach in 25 years :smiley:


Wow! Your head looks so refreshed in the beach-side sun.

Keep up the good shave!
(Way better than your GoatPig days, imho)


Lookin’ good, buddy. Glad you got to enjoy yourself


I don’t think I’ve ever posted my face on any of those forums, so here’s a cosplay I did for Halloween, I wanted to do gordon, but the goatee was a bit of an issue XD


My icon is my picture, so you see me every time I post :smiley:






Long time no post.

Was looking through my old post and figured why the hell not. Probably quite a change from the last picture I posted here if someone is bored enough to dig it up.


Wow this thread still going? Ok … here is a new one of me.catz