Post your 'puter




EDIT: oh, and heres a reaaaly old picture showing off the graphic when I have the sides on.


Well I don’t know what a 'puter is, but since it sounds pretty close to pube, I’m going to brb.


30" + 27.5" LCD’s??? Holy mother of fuck…

Though they don’t look that big on the pic ô.o


Since my 'puter, which I’m assuming means computer, is a laptop with nothing interesting to add, I’m just using an image from Google :frowning:

Oh, and over 3.5TB of storage, Jambo? :aah:


Jambo, Logitech G15 1st gen, logitech g5 (although I have G7) + PS3,


Logitech G15 Gen 1, it’s the only way to play.

high fives

Yeah they don’t actually seem that large till I go to a LAN and the screen is sitting on a table without the tower next to it and no secondary monitor. This fucker is 76cm baby!

Yeah and I’ve got less than 200GB free, need to grab another 1TB soon.


That’s a LOT of porn :freeman:

Here’s my computer:

…I wish :’(


You don’t even have a monitor? no mouse? no keyboard? pft :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure you can probably calculate millions of decimals of PI in a couple of minutes, SO WHAT

(Or store all the porn on the internet a dozen of times… I dunno)


^What can one possibly do with meteorological comp?

Also take note that G15 is fucking GINORMOUS compared to common keyboard.


It’s used to store all the porn on the internet, and I don’t need a mouse and keyboard or screen…it beams the porn straight into my mind :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve actually been deleting my porn slowly over the last few weeks, there’s fuck all left.

And yes, the G15 gen 1 has 18 extra keys on the left hand side and is quite, quite wide!



-nvm delete this-
the 2nd pic didn’t load the first time for me…


I can’t honestly imagine trying to get all my computer hardware into a single post, let alone a single picture.
Worst part of it is I’m buying a 4890, which I don’t need. It’s an insatiable need! :fffuuu:


I’ll post Pictures when I finally find my Camera but I’ve got

2.4 GHz Intel Pentium Dual-core E2220 processor
4GB Ram
1GB Nvidia 8600GT Video Card
16"x10" 720p HDTV
Logitech 5.1 Surround Speakers (not sure what model threw out the box ages ago, also now the center speaker doesn’t work anymore so its only 4 until I get another speaker to hook up to center)


Can you have it ship it to me instead?


That would hardly satify my need to play around with new hardware.
I would be more likely to send you one of the 5 8800GTS cards I got sitting around.

All you need is this-


Want to send me a 320 mb one, I want to set mine up with SLI.