Post your 'puter



Nope, it’s busy folding.


My E6750 can do 1 million digits of pi in 15 seconds @ 3.0GHz on stock cooling.

Just sayin’.


I saw that too. I smirked, but let it pass.


Want to buy mine then? You can fold it right in half if that’s what you’re into.


Ya buy MORE computer hardware. That is what I need to do. :jizz:


In a couple of years, right?


The computer specs are currently as follows:
Intel Core 2 Duo E8300 @ 2.83 GHz
Asus P5Q
2 GB Corsair TwinX Xms2 800 MHz
EVGA 8800GT 512MB
Many, many hard drives.

Anyway I finally moved away from the 'node and decided to come back over to the BM:S forums, how’re things over here?


As shitty as ever.

Find a new forum.


Actually Kaze, I think suicide is the best option in this case.



@ Jambo: fucking sweet jesus christ. You must really have a good paying job or you must have saved up really well in order to get all that high tech shitz. I hope to god u leave the house and dont stay inside on the weekends playing video games like some loser :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kaze: whats up with the porn gif? i dont get it(the joke). is it cause of her facial reactions or u just felt like putting it up?:freeman:


I don’t really get why everyone just assumes it’s porn.

It’s clearly Tori Black singing/dancing along to her favorite song.


Yeah except is a gif porn site :3


Jambo, how much did those monitors cost you?


Not hardly :retard:. There’s plenty of other shit on there.


emmm… trillions then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly had no idea of the time it could take… is there some kind of Pi Benchmark test somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue:



I dont really look after my computer anymore.


this shitty program doesn’t show PI at the end :meh:
EDIT: pi_data.txt