Post your 'puter


I don’t know how you do that. I need good back support, which a wall doesn’t give, and can’t lay completely flat for extended periods of time. (unless I’m sleeping)


Clarity is nice when it comes to this thread.

But hey, I needed to know that your RAS# to CAS# delay was (tRCD)5, and that your Brand ID was 13.

13 is a good brand ID

edit next time please?



nice little laptop, considering i will only use about 2 laptops in the whole of the computer making industry.




??? > :frowning:


i could not understand what you were saying because it made no sense


He dun’ liek lappys bscly


Not exactly my computer, but I just ordered 2 of these for my home network:

Gigabit switch for 17$, free shipping, sounds like a deal to me!

I’ll have gigabit speed all the way from my machine to the living room PC/ethernet disk, plus I’ll be able to move the unreliable wireless router (used as a switch+wireless access point) so it doesn’t stand between me and the main router.


I know right it just makes me feel so confident that the boards gonna live forever:’(

wait a second… someone actually read my convoluted mess of a post:retard:


You WISH that they had


New monitor, desk chair, and mouse.

I can actually enjoy playing Left 4 Dead 2 now that the FOV isn’t fucked up anymore. Game performance really isn’t impacted at all, either, and I was expecting it to be.


Dish Network is where it’s at IMO.


It’s the only cable service around here, in the middle of nowhere. We had Comcast when we lived up in Pittsburgh, but we’re JUST outside of their area of service where I live now. I miss their internet and cable.


So much DeLL…

it hurts :fffuuu:


Only the monitor and case are Dell.


ugh i hate that kind of desk



As far as TV service goes, Comcast is pretty good, but in my area their internet is unreliable as fuck. We switched to Dish Network and Verizon DSL (slower, yes, but it almost never cuts out, Comcast cut out every day pretty much) about 5 years ago, and it’s been much better than Comcast.

Now we’re waiting for Verizon to put in fiber optic cables so we can get Fios.


While its not a computer I didn’t feel like putting this in its own thread. Its my 1000+ watt Bass-Station that im still in the process of putting together out of different audio equipment that I own or have found laying around my house. So far its composed of a brand new Sony LBT-ZX66i System, a 1989 Bose Accoustimass 3 System (black), a 2001 Bose Accounstimass 3 System (white), an old Pioneer VSX-452 Surround Sound Receiver, a Bose Sound Dock, a Boston Recepter Radio HD, and an Aura Sound Subwoofer (originally part of an Epson Multimedia Projector System). Some of the speaker positions aren’t final yet, since this photo has been taken the Bose Soundock has been moved on top of the Pioneer receiver to act as a center speaker and the wall mounted speakers have been moved to front and rear corners of their respective side.

I don’t listen to Heavy Metal, Rock, Country, ect… so I can’t say how good it reproduces those tracks but for what I do listen to (Rap, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, and too many subgenres of Electronica to name), it preforms phenomenally despite not even being finished yet.

(Yes It does have an iPod dock)