Post your 'puter


I bet the thunder effects from Morrowind sound great on that.


I don’t know what Morrowind is but im sure it would sound amazing.


Why are all the speakers next to each other?


same reason you put a ‘rig’ in a stack, the bass velocity is generally increased, although this is not ALWAYS true, but you get loss of audio panning and end result is it doesn’t sound as good, I guess eternalness’ reasoning is most likely cable length? and whether or not he has looped any speaker cable together selectively.


my audio setup > all


Just got this:


Eeee expensive for the performance you get, the Radeon HD 6850 performs a little better for nearly the same price


Overclock the fermi, it will help heat up your house. :stuck_out_tongue:


I paid 168$ (canadian) taxes and shipping included, and I can get an additional 20$ mail-in rebate, so 148$.

6850’s are ~180$ + taxes + shipping, that goes to ~200$.

Not nearly the same price :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I could have waited for a huge deal on the 6850, but I couldn’t let a ~70$ off deal go like that.


Well if you read my post, you’d see that I said I moved the wall mounted ones to the front and rear corners of their respective side. The rest of the speakers are all bunched together because A. There’s a shit ton of outlets on that wall B. Wire length (used all my long wire to move the wall speakers to the corners) and C. Because it looks fucking awesome.


Why has no one else commented on this? :hmph:


I do good?


That’s a desk in a built-in closet. I intend to completely tear down that closet and gain about 8m² of space for a bigger desk, so I can finally do stuff without completely reorganizing for each different task.

It’ll probably involve repainting walls and putting down a new floor, so looking at the summer to get this done.


Look at pergo (or any other knockoff) best thing I have ever put on a floor. Takes less than a day to install using no special tools and is almost indestructible.

@Piefish, Googleimages:beowulf cluster, first result. Try using more unique search terms next time.

I figure that I may as well post this in here.

Wall computer getting ever closer to completion.


I don’t need a fancy plexiglass case, I’ve got a similar setup except the 2nd motherboard,powerbox,hdd are on top of a brokan laptop case that’s on top of a tower.


Very nice Firetime


Aye, my parents put down laminate in their bedroom and study and it looks pretty cool, so I might install it as well. Only thing that has got me worried is the fact that I have a dog running hanging around and picking my feet as sleeping spot of preference when I’m at my desk at night.

I also kind of dislike the floating feeling of laminate floors, as if they’re not fully resting on the floor. But that might just be because my parents installed it themselves and made some errors.


The parts are:

  • ASUS P5N72-T
  • Intel Core2Duo 3.06GHz (the E7600)
  • 8GB Corsair DDR2 XMS2-6400
  • 2 x GeForce GTS250 1GB
  • 2 x 1TB 7200rpm drives in RAID0
  • 1 x 500GB 5400rpm drive as a backup for files
  • Cooler Master GX 750w power supply
  • Windows 7 Premium 64-bit
  • Alienware PC case (good thing its so big, its packed!)
  • MS Sidewinder X5 mouse
  • MS Sidewinder X4 keyboard

Not sure how much cooling the exhaust fan does… But the temps hit 63 degrees on the gfx card at the most (thats the highest I’ve seen) and the CPU never seems to get above 40 degrees (never seen it move from 37 degrees really, that Zalman fan is good!).

Hopefully be splashing out on a Core2Quad soon, figured I go that way to last me the next couple of years before replacing the motheboard/RAM/CPU again.


1 - WACOM Graphire 4 Tablet
2 - RAIDMAX SMILODON case, blue. (comp specs below.)
3 - Liberty 15’’ LCD monitor
4 - eMachines 23.5’’ E233H
5 - Razer DeathAdder mouse
6 - Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4K
7 - innovavtiveTech USB Turntable
8 - a bunch of stuff plugged into a Peavy MP-4, interfaced via audio-in to computer.
9 - some AMD webcam. (not pictured, mounted on top of desk)
10 - Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 speakers
11 - iPod Touch 4th gen 32 GB (always plugged in when I’m home, used it to take the pics.)

Computer Specs
OS Name
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
AMD Athlon™ II X2 260 Processor, 3200 Mhz, 2 Core(s)
RAM Installed
8.00 GB
Video Card
ATI Radeon HD 5850

I’ll give more detailed info about anything you see if you want…


I don’t like wires, neons, plastic cases and gpu coolers…