Post your 'puter


Ha I have that laptop also! We got it for my wife as a work laptop right before her work, who previously said she wasnt getting one, gave her a work laptop. Now it kinda just sits around the house doing nothing. A few weeks ago I put OSX on it but no one has been able to get everything working (track pad wasnt working and closing the lid screwed it up) on it so I got annoyed and reinstalled windows 7. Now I’m thinking of using it for my magicJack hub. Its a pretty good little computer but you could get a way better desktop for that kinda money.


I have a gateway 450SX4 1.6ghz Pentium 4 M with 512mb of ram and powered by a Ni-Cad drill battery, it’s perfect for what I use it for. (youtube music videos and facebook)


Well since everyone else is doing it…!/media/set/?set=a.10150125584410545.391944.701080544&l=4a81e6c732&closeTheater=1

Theres some other 3d stuff I’d kind of whipped up, currently I’m working on setting up various corridors I’m kinda just starting out so just playing around really.

Currently I have

Intel Core 2 dual E8500 4 Gb
4 Gb (2x2Gb) Corsair SLI ram of some kind
I normally run 2x GTX460’s + 1 8800 Ultra with a Spanned desktop for triple monitor gaming but I’ve been having the BSOD issues so I’m down to 1 GTX 460 and 2 8800 Ultra’s
I have a Cooler Master 1000w Silent Pro (had an Enermax Galaxy 1000 but it bit the biscuit)
2x 500GB WD
1x 2 TB Hit
Its all stuck in a HAF 942 OMG even bigger than my old thermal take. I had bought a Antec Skeleton Case but my CPU heatsink and the old Enermax wouldn’t fit. Before that I had a ThermalTake Xaser III from waaaaay back in the day. Ok maybe not that way back but…

Other Peripherals
3 x 24" ASUS monitors + 2 HP’s and my 38" when I wanna watch movies
I use a Saitek Cyborg which I don’t really like the size or the touch of the keys all that much but the back lit keys sure do help alot, plus it just looks bad ass… If I’m not using that I have the logitech wave and the Zboard(steelseries) which are both amazing… I have a few different sets of speakers, an old Altec, some old no name 5.1 and recently the logitech series everyone seems to have

I got a couple strange fun peripherals including a modded SteelBattalion controller but need windows 7 drivers (anyone?), a Wacom tablet, one of those P5 3d gloves, a few tv tuners kicking around, remote wonder, an MS Stategic commander, and old gravis Destroyer Xtreme, Nascar steering wheel some interact Flightforce pro that I only bought bc it was 5 bucks and totally turned awesome, oh and I used to have one of those aura haptic vest thingers but i lost the back pack so I’m working on DIY shaker doodad thing… Snagged some Turtle Beach Earforce X11’s

If you can’t tell I’m kind of a gadget geek, I don’t really use most of my stuff to its potential just kinda toy around with it :slight_smile:

Cheers mates





My laptop, a HP Compaq nc6400

intel centrino 2.0 ghz dual core
i’m not sure about the graphics, but it is shitty


I’ll post my puter soon

Here are me specs:

Intel i-7 950 3.06 GHz
EVGA gtx 570 superclocked
1TB Western Digital HDD
3 x 2 GB Corsair RAM
850W Power Supply
Antec 1200 Full Tower Case
1080p lcd tv


Intel i5 2400K

I’ll post pics later.


Not changed since last time I don’t think apart from lots more casefans and my HD4850 being RMA’d. But I’m eyeing up another one of the 17inch monitors on eBay atm, so I’ll be having to rearrange to fit all three across my desk :3

Phenom II x2 550 BlackEdition 2.1Ghz (unlocked/OC’d x3 @ 3.6Ghz)
2x2Gb OCZ gold 1066Mhz DDR2
1Gb XFX HD5750
x1 700Gb 7200rpm Seagate
x1 1Tb 7200rpm Seagate
Asus M4A77D mobo
Corsair VX550 psu


Desk was a tad messy when taking this photo but I’m a lazy swine now that I have a fractured Clavicle… lol

Please note… The radiator ISN’T on! and I’m well aware I need to sort my cables out. hah

Also yes, I have all 5.1 speakers infront of me, they’re used for making lots of noise and not much else… I use my headset 90% of the time.

Edit: Typo ftw, Epson Stylus DX5000… not 500.


My dinner chair :awesome:


A dudes gotta be strapped in safe when eatin’ spaghetti on toast!


Why do so many people have psus with ridiculous high max power output. The psus always run on low efficiency and they wear out faster.


Are you asking me to post a screen shot? or saying I should screen shot instead of taking pics when displaying my 3d stuff? For the first set for what ever reason my screen shots weren’t being taken and the second one was taken during a computer freeze so I was kind of hooped :stuck_out_tongue:


You take the direct URL of the image, and you click the icon with the mountain landscape on it and you input your URL.

Conversely, you can just put around the URL yourself.


What do you mean by max power outputs? Are you saying a high wattage PSU will kill a system faster? Bear with me I’m only half pc nerd with the other half being an artist nerd.


I had a “ridiculous high max power output” because before I moved over to Win7 I was running Win 2003 server with 6 Barracuda’s SCSII’s in Raid 1/0 for my primary, 2x250’s, 2x500’s. That aong with my CPU and 3 Video cards overclocked, and those 8800 ultra’s pull massive power as is. The biggest reason I got the Galaxy was because I could run up to 20 hard drives, and 5 video cards.

In my old system i had six video cards running a wall of monitors…


Thank you :slight_smile:


Make way for a first post!
First the screen and other shit.

Healthy fucking distance between you and the screen to minimize eye strain.

Now the 'puter.

A little old, but it still does its job.
Building a new one at the end of this summer.

Edit: Pictures suck because it’s dark in my room.


Max power output is the wattage of your psu. Your psus efficiency is highest at around 50% load. The lowest efficiency is beneath 20% and around 100%
At those points they get more hot and wear out faster. Not your whole system.
An average gaming pc has an idle power comsumption of something more than 100Watt or 150Watt. In Load they can go from 250 to 400. Considering that your pc is running on idle 90% of the time a Psu of 500-600Watt is suitable for almost every configuration. Even for a good GTX580 and a new Quad/Hexa Core Cpu. 700+ Watt is just overkill and only useful for professional overclocking and SLI/CF.


250-400W for gaming computers? How about no.
An overclocked gaming computer will probably need more juice than that, expecially if overclocked, seeing as the efficiency is rarely linear with the overclock. My Q6600 requires about double the amount of juice at 3,6GHz than it does at stock (2,4GHz). Seeing as I earlier had an overclocked GTX 260, reaching crazy temperatures and needing a lot of power, and a multitude of HDDs, those 750W were just a little bit more than needed.

Now, the efficiency of newer products is actually higher, a i7 2600k at 4,5+GHz actually needs LESS power than mine does at 3,6GHz.
And then we have the fact that every PSU has a different efficiency graph, mine reaching peak (87% at 230VAC) at around 50%, which is where my computer would be while playing a game. During heavy calculations it would probably hit 80%-ish. And at 20% it has an 84% efficiency, not that bad.