Post your 'puter


Some of us, like me, are silence freaks.

If the PSU runs at MAX 70% load it doesn’t spin the fan faster because it doesn’t get hot which happens to equal less noise.

And with an almost silent liquid cooled system it’s sad to mount a noisy psu.

And liquid cooled psus are rare and expensive.

And PSUs don’t wear out faster on less load.


At home, a Dell laptop running through a 24 inch monitor.

At work, a bank of Dell dual quad-core Xeon machines with Nvidia Quadro gfx cards for rendering and physics simulations and stuff.

No pictures, because neither of the above is particularly interesting.


This is my lan party setup (only the case changes)

And this my home setup, optimized for cooling and custom made case.

Due to the large fans, they don´t need as many rpms to have the same performance as little ones, and cover more area, and due to the liquid cooling, the only noise really is from the GPUs fan, I´m still looking for a water block for it, unfortunately I can´t seem to find one (GTX 275), i was thinking of selling both GPUs and get 2x GTX460 as water blocks for them are easy to find, and quite a choice of brands too.


Income that doesn’t go directly to food/gas must be p. cool to have.


@ Luciel

not jealous

well i dont have any pics ATM but heres my PC:

AMD Phenom II X4 970 @ 3.9 GHz
ASUS M4A78-E *
AMD 5770 (920/1250)
6 gb DDR2 800 mhz **
19’’ 1440x900

  • I need a new AM3 motherboard
    ** 1600 DDR3 memory is cheaper than 800 DDR2


specs is
Chassie: Little Devils PC-V8 - black with red interior & plexi
CPU: Intel i7 2600 k overclocked till 4.6ghz
RAM: Corsair 16gb memory
GPU: 3 x ASUS GTX 580 i 3-way SLI
HDD: Intel X25-M G2 160GB
HDD: 2 x 1 TB WD Black ED SATA 6 i raid 0
Mobo: ASUS Maxiumus IV Extreme Rev B3
AGG: Silverstone Strider 1500 W rev 2.0
DVD:Blu Ray Burner / DVD Writer combo LG (also burns dual layer Blu Ray)
WIFI: D-Link DWA 556 PCI-E
and one image i know this image is bad quality


christ, enough garish lights, or do you want more?


no I bought it second hand and I’ll replace the fans :slight_smile:


DEM CABLES :open_mouth:

Also, wouldn’t it have been cleaner to mount the Hdd’s the other way round?


Where is the SSD? And why didn’t you mention the velociraptors? :stuck_out_tongue:


You shouldn´t be mate, I go to several events per year and participate in modding competitions at such, so looks count for a lot which is why I spend so much time on them : )



You’ve got those cool lighted speaker and fan thingers? Are they worth the cost? You should take a dark shot to show thm off :slight_smile:

Also a bit curious on the Alice in Wonderland door knob in the one pic?


Man… Makes me wish I lived with my parents.


Haha! I need a new board and new ram as well, my E2160 only goes to 2.6ghz because of the 800Mhz DDR2 4GB, but I could get away with just a new Motherboard, one that has a proper ram divider, mine is only 1:1.


About the alice in wonderland thing, i assume you mean the first pick, yes this was another pc in front of me who went to the mod from scratch competition (i went to the mod paint comp), let´ see if i can find a pick… here you go:

Personally I´m more of a fan of Mcgee´s version of the Alice story :stuck_out_tongue:

About the lighted speakers, you mean the Philips AMBX Ambi light system right?

Well… I got them on a special deal on about a year back, it was 50 quid for the whole setup (you can actually buy just the lighted speakers without sub, fan thingies and wriste rumbler pad, which obviously works out cheaper).

Personally, I quite like them, back then it was a pain as drivers where awfull, but it´s gotten much better now with updates since, you should know it doesn´t work with all games, I´d say 50-50 in my case, it does however work perfectly with music and videos. There´s also a software hack to make them reactive to sound instead of video, which rocks for music : )

Instead of picks, how a bout a video I took when i first got them? It´s done with a mobile phone so excuse the quality.

So in my oppinion, yes, they are worthied, plus if you get the whole fan thingie it makes games (as long as fully compatible as in, some will only work with light, no fan thingie) rather immersive, specially with the whole 3 screen stuff, for example, I personally didn´t think modern warfare was anything special, but this made it rather awesome (grenade explosions gave a sudden burst of air in your face, it´s hard to describe, but it does make it rather immersive).

EDIT: I should add the speaker sound quality does leave much to be desired, luckily you don´t need to use them (you can use the light and other stuff without connecting the audio) if you rather use your own speakers, as you can see in my pick.


Words cannot describe how fucking bas ass that video is!!!

I was doubtful on the whole fan thing but that also sounds pretty cool…

The tree is kinda what I thought it would be… I mean its uique and cool to actually see… wouldn’t be for me of course, but still neat.

I’m still sucker punched by that video… especially because I was of the understanding the color was sound driver not video driven… that was my biggest turn off… the idea of it lighting the back same as the monitor seemed to make more sense to me… but yearh… totally awesome!


Yeah when I first installed it all and saw that I was like OMFG!, hell I only took that video with my phone to show it around at work, not that any of my workmates would understand my excitement ¬¬

Should´ve mentioned it´s 3 units, while you only see the speakers, there´s another wider unit that goes behind your screen, the way it works i believe is it takes random pixels from each side and top of the screen and makes an even colour between all of them and displays it on the light, as it´s led, it´s rather awesome how close it always gets, therefore creating that feel of a bigger screen that you can see on the video.

Main point is, just buy it Eye_con, it´s totally awesome! : D

EDIT: Another pickie I found of my setup at one point, when the lights are also on and you can see the effect on a wider wall.


No pics ATM.

Case : HAF922
CPU : Core i5-750
PSU : Antec TP750W
HDD : 1TB Seagate Enterprise
Screens : 22" 1680x1050 LG & 21" 1600x900 Samsung
Keyboard : Sidewinder X6
Mouse : Sidewinder X5


I don’t have a good camera so i’ll just post the specs of my maschine

OS: Windows XP sp3 32 bit

CPU: AMD Phenom x4 Black Edition @ 3.2 Ghz (best gaming CPU imo)

RAM: 2x 2 GB 1333 mhz kingston value ram

Mobo: MSI 770 - C45 (with overclock switch, yeah!^^)

HDD : 300 GB internal and 1 TB external from Samsung

GFX: Gainward 8800 GT 512 MB (Plays Portal 2 on highest settings :slight_smile: )

Sound: Yamaha AX 700 Stereo Amp (2x110 watt) with a pair of 200 watt Pioneer Speakers

Mouse: Razer Diamondback 3g (Old but awesome!)

Keyboard: A crappy noname thing

Case: Cooler Master Elite 335 (was the cheapest in the shop but its rly good)

Oh and i have a 19 inch phillips TFT Monitor

This system runs most games on high settings + AA/AF and it wasn’t too expensive. But i will upgrade my Gfx and OS soon for directx 11.

Anyways, the most important thing is, I’m ready for Black Mesa! (I just hope i will live long enough to prove it. :wink: )




Both are 23’’

Need do some Rainmeter stuff with my new monitor setup.