Post your 'puter


Classic Case! the smilodon, before Raidmax was bought and while the model remained, it was renamed to Powerstation and the materials changed (no longer aluminion) ugh, but yeah, your case always sold well, was an awesome value for money one : )


Main point is, just buy it Eye_con, it´s totally awesome! : D

Soon as I get a decent job you wouldn’t believe what I used to do compared to now and I’m supposed to be in a pretty good job market… I’m the guy that bought a finger print scanner to lock my computer… just well because :stuck_out_tongue: Somin like that sells itself. I was aware of the different units.


I understand, I´m also a sucker for gadgets :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, just bought a new pc, so can’t really take any pictures yet. But here it is.

Intel Core i7 950 3,06 GHz
12 gb Kingston Value Ram
2 x Radeon HD 6950
Seagate Barracuda 7200. 12 1000 gb
NZXT Phantom Crafted Series


Just saying, 1TB != 1000 GB.


BLASPHEMY! It actually equals 1024 GB (Look it up you will see im right) :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. Got it on Newegg, the modularity is very handy.


I know it does.

But even then you’re not going to get 1024 GB out of a 1TB drive, you’re more likely to get ~950.


That sir, is correct.


You do realise != means not equals, right?


Back from the dead.


You have too much goddamn money.


I couldn’t comfortably fit all that stuff in my room, even. :C


getting a multiscreen setup now a days inst expensive, specially just 2 screens, since decent size screens are now going for just over 100€ even less if you get 19" and every card for years now has supported 2 screens, granted it would only be one in game but some games support that setup for extra info like supremme commander or uplink.

Going triplehead aplies, but that means more money going either eyefinity or matrox triplehead. Good thing about the latter is that your gpu´s power is left alone for gaming and so on while eyefinity uses a part of it just to display.


I was referring to the immense amount of other expensive-looking things in his room over his monitor setup when I was talking about having too much money.


I can’t afford matching screens #firstworldproblems

They don’t quite line up, the side ones having a higher pixel density. But you don’t really notice when gaming


I can’t afford having two screens, let alone three :hmph:


I see you have one of the sexiest instruments known to man.


the sexiest, apart from the one in my pants, yes. I keep a saxophone in my pants too…

And btw Acade, getting smaller screens like my side ones isn’t expensive. One I got free from my brother, but the other one was like £15. 17" lcd’s like taht are filthy cheap these days


I’m rockin those games!