Post your Screenshot!


Does the game run at a playable framerate at that res?

Someone on the PCSX2 forum made a .pnach for the PAL version of Jak X, fixing the crash upon reaching the main menu:


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yurop’s fucked


Samzala, is that game actually worth the money? I enjoyed the previous titles but I’ve heard that this one is terribly bugged.


The low end of playable. Stays at about 20FPS. Definitely not staying at that resolution for normal play.


In my experience Europa Universalis 3 was buggy and prone to crashing, EU4 has been an improvement on everything so far for me.


I love nice, clean graphics like this. Wish more games stuck with a PS2 aesthetic, sort of like the MGS games on the PS2.


^ Loved that game.


AC: Brotherhood (links to larger version, 8640x1080, 3MB )
I would have done an extra row for more vertical FOV but the game kept randomly kicking me out of first person.[/size]

Rome at night, from the flagpole of Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel / The Mausoleum of Hadrian).
Spot the dodgy wall LODs :stuck_out_tongue: (it’s not bad stitching, it’s actually in the game)

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That’s amazing.

EDIT: I have found the most amazing Skyrim mod for vampires, ever.

My life is now complete.




what’s going on with the skin?


It glitters, like the vampires in Twilight :wink:


Those are gigantic people!


oh, I thought it was a buggy shader causing this.


I’ve never watched or read the Twilight stuff, but is there an explanation as to why vampires can walk in the sun and have sparkly skin?


I don’t think it was explained in the movies. Haven’t read the books.


EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots


there are gigantic ships too!

largest naval battle I’ve had, 270 ships total in combat



Looks silly using the hidden blades in this section - with this outfit they’re so well hidden that they’re completely invisible…

War Thunder is pretty.

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots (meanwhile imgur keeps them for years)


Renegade X

It’s nice to have a game that finally captures the cool sci-fi feel of Westwood’s C&C again, rather than EA’s artistic direction that just made shit look like weird plastic toys.