Post your Screenshot!


Thiaf looks great.

And they didn’t bother making the shadow not look ridiculous with Garrett holding his hands up to his face. Shame mirrors and puddles of water don’t reflect you.

Also a few more SYABH screenshots.


TES III: Morrowind + Morrowind Overhaul

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots


^ I actually think with Morrowind’s graphics extender distant land and LODs look a lot better than Skyrim.

Diablo 1 with the “HD” Mod

Adds support for widescreen resolutions (also lets you zoom the camera to the distance you want), as well as most of the improvements from Diablo 2, and a bunch of new skills and spells (Cold spells!), crafting, waypoints, new blood effects, a proper stash, all the cut quests that were removed from Diablo 1, and a ton more shit.

Also new NPCs like Gheed from D2, and the npcs actually wonder around town to people’s houses too.


Yeah, the distant geometry looks great.

Ooh, might have to reinstall Diablo again to give that a go


Got myself a new hat!


I’d forgotten how tough The Butcher was… guess I’ll have to try again at a higher level :fffuuu:

Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to use DSfix if you aren’t already - allows you to make the game render at a higher resolution (rather than scaling 1024x720 up to your display resolution) and optionally adds some other nice graphical enhancements.


Sleeping Dogs (benchmark mode). Click for full-size…
(I’m surprised it didn’t crash)

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots


Did you add the high res texture DLC? (I posted frames from the benchmark a while back)


Yeah. I think some of the textures hadn’t loaded in fully when I took that screenshot - I doubt I had any VRAM left (5760x3240, max settings including “Extreme” antialiasing…)

[COLOR=’#151515’]Less than 2fps

EDIT: Oh wait, now that I looked at your post from a while back you took a screenshot at almost exactly the same spot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like the textures actually were loaded in when I took the screenshot, yay.


Yep, I knew there was something I had to download for that game, just couldn’t remember what. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’ve set my res for that game to 1280x720 so the sun doesn’t have problems. I just need to get around to actually playing it. I was thinking about playing it with a mic recording me for the lulz.


An item so bad that Griswold is just giving it away


This mod just keeps getting cooler


Hit by firebolt door trap just before level 6 stairs, damn that was close :o

EDIT: Wow, the game so far is extremely easy as a Sorcerer compared to playing as a Warrior



Such a great action game. Bought it recently and finished it a couple of times since then.
Also the game adds significantly to my knowledge of the portuguese language. My girlfriend is Brazilian and she would look at me all startled when sometimes out of the blue I would shout somthing like
“Me da cobertura!” (Cover me!)
“Vou te matar, cuzao!” (I’m gonna kill you, ahole)
or something a little more lighthearted like
“Sabastiao! Ta na hora de janta, caralho!” (Sebastian, it’s f
cking time for dinner!)


EDIT: changed a setting in the sunshaft shader (20 -> 40 iterations), banding looks smoother now

EDIT2: Minus ate my screenshots



You should have seen my character when she went through that part of the game. That was awesome.


I love how many enemies I can deal with while tanking damage.

Beat diablo before map of the stars quest made him almost unkillable, on to nightmare mode.


Frozen Orb is best Ice spell


Stooooop making me feel like replaying Diablo (please?), that game is just too hardcore for me to finish it again.