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Really Russia?




ArmA III? Wow, you must have a beast of a machine to get that kind of draw distance…


Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on a 9500GT (1GB DDR2)

Barely playable on minimum settings 800x600 (really 800x450 due to letterboxing)

The new [COLOR=‘Gray’]EDIT: premium garage and tank models in the next World of Tanks update look pretty good (could use higher resolution/precision reflections though):

EDIT: new non-premium garage + M18 Hellcat model:

9500GT was running this scene at a blazing 3 FPS

EDIT2: Minus ate my screenshots


Found this easter egg in Dues Ex today, I smiled.


SoC with AA2

Red Forest is just fucking awesome in this mod (along with yantar)

I ran across a lot of dangerous mutants (including a pseudogiant), came dangerously close to running out of medkits (and ran out of food) but not before finding a couple of really valuable artifacts which made the trip worthwhile despite expending most of my ammo and supplies.

On top of that, I got lucky enough to find my way back before nightfall hit


A few shots from the Lost Alpha leak as requested by Bloodshot. I don’t know what it is but Xray has a very distinct look and feel to me and I love it.

I also have a video of one of the first few missions but my upload speed is garbage and I probably won’t be able to post it until tomorrow. Don’t feel comfortable uploading it to Youtube right now.

Edit: Here’s the video.


Holy shit wow. And to think that is a year old, and the more recent versions actually have way more dense vegetation and improved models/textures for it.

I’m probably gonna hold off on downloading the leak seeing as how soon its coming, and Dezowave said that they are going to continue to support and patch it after release.

I heard there is a way to get the really nice beta skies enabled too without needing to use static lighting, I wonder how that would look in LA (in the other mod, they are gorgeous)


Click for full size images.


That’s not an incredibly high resolution. Did you downscale them?


Oh, stupid me.


Fell down the cliff, but landed on some steps. Unable to get back up thought


There are a few people here who like to occasionally post gifs of what they’re playing, you guys should try out WebM. It’s not technically a new file format but I don’t think it has much recognition in most places. Gives better quality at a lower file size, and it supports up to 120 fps I think. It’s technically a video, which is pretty amazing. You can put sound in them if you want too. First two aren’t mine, second two are.

Wonder if it would be possible for the people that run this forum to allow embedding of them. Or if it’s up to vBulletin for implement it.

Here’s instructions on how to make them:


Crysis Warhead still looks great

Also that’s really weird how low your headbob is in FEAR. It almost makes it feel like you are sliding around

Call of Pripyat with Pripyat Reborn/OWR 2 Addon merged + Absolute Nature 3


More Lost Alpha

And another one of those videos from something that happened today while playing:


I quite like STALKER’s physics. A lot of games have awkward ragdolls that are worse than death anims but some games like STALKER or FEAR the way the ragdolls are makes shooting them or watching them fly from a grenade pretty satisfying.

Does that build of LA have the blood decals that the Mod page says they have? Too many games omit those.

Also how are the map sizes from what you’ve played?

Sorry for the questions, It’s a hard wait till April 26th


I don’t see anything on the moddb page about blood. Maps are pretty large and a few of them have gotten combined. So Agroprom and the underground have no loading screens between them. The wild area or whatever it’s called and the bar have no loading screens between them. There’s an entirely new map called Darkscape that you get to from Dark Valley, and as far as I can see it’s a long road with a bridge in the middle that you have to go through to get to the first lab because it isn’t in the normal area anymore. Garbage is at least 2x as large as in SoC and probably the Cordon too. Bar is larger than I remember and is more maze-like than I would like. I always have issues getting to the actual bar but that might just be me. Maybe I’ll take a few screenshots of the maps.


Nice. I actually had the same problem with SoC’s bar the first couple times I visited it, finding the actual “bar” took some wandering, though now I know it like the back of my hand


it’s in the LA FAQ, i forgot to add the “on bodies” part, woops.


Can’t say I’ve noticed that but it might be there.


STALKER SoC with Autumn Aurora 2