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Betrayer screenshot

The game itself, pick different path from another generic FPS game. The default setting of the game are full black and white + red(Like Sin City). However, if you preferred colorful environment or not used to the full black and white like me, you can adjust the color, darkness and lighting to your own taste. The setting of the game is in 17 century where it involve in more one round weapon than the fully automatic guns where you will need some stealth to avoid being overrun while reloading your pistol.
One of the unique feature is where you need to rely on listening to your ghosty friends in the environment to moving forward in the quest-line instead of way point. However, the quests itself are easily get repetitive as you goes from point A to point B to get items and such(Similar to Fallout 3 but which fps isn’t really repetitive after 2 hours?)

I give this game 7.5 out of 10. It is pretty good for a 20 dollars game.(I’d call it a steal) If they add some more variety in gameplay, location and quest-line. It will be better.

I want this fancy SOB’s armor in real life



SoC with Lost world origins

The beta cordon looks pretty great


Swords are almost big enough…

When I get my graphics card back I might try some crazy screenshots of the STALKER games.

I know I can get Call of Pripyat running at 5760x3240, I wonder if Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Skies can do the same… :smiley:

(Meanwhile my HD4600 is sort of able to run CoP + Misery at 1280x720[/size] :meh: )

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots


I was just playing D2 yesterday as a barb


It feels like MP STALKER with really nice shaders and smooth, polished animations. The sound design is really good too.

It doesn’t have lean though :confused: While it is just a barebones “capture these objects” type of mode, if freeplay is as good as this stuff is, this could be an excellent STALKER-like co-op game.


Played D2 on nullDC for a while and got these:

EDIT: Those screenshots were in 1080p what the fuck
EDIT 2: Fixed.


Could be Photobucket messing with (resizing, compressing) them?

Try uploading them to Flickr, Abload or Minus.

EDIT: Well, now the shots are bigger. Game looks like it’s running at or near its original resolution though


How the FUCK did you get your hands on a copy of D2? That game goes for like $200…



There’s your answer.


Yep. If I had a Dreamcast, I’d buy a (used) copy, but I don’t and I’m not really interested in the idea. D2 apparently tends to make really loud noises on Dreamcast due to some weird-ass system where it loads the sound and video for cutscenes simultaneously as the cutscene plays. On Amazon, a new copy is 150+ dollars, but used the game is only $30+. Anyway, nullDC or any other emulator does fine, but I still haven’t figured out how to change disc. What is strange, though, is that it runs at a steady 60FPS but has severe audio stutter and sometimes people’s hair disappears for a couple of frames. The gameplay is good, but frankly the cutscenes are ridiculous (coming from someone who skipped nothing in MGS3) and the game overall is overly easy. Also, I’d like to point out how incredible the music is.


I’d love to do some streaming with nullDC. I’ll have to see if I can set that up on my rig! It’d be fun getting to play Jet Set Radio or Sonic Adventure 2 on my PC without having to re-buy HD ports…

Is this the one you use?

(Oh, as for the DC making tons of noise, it does that on a lot of games. It’s just a very loud disc drive in general.)


^That’s it. I haven’t gotten far enough to confirm it, but apparently you need revision r48 if you want the disc change to work. IIRC DEmul works okay too, but nullDC is much less prone to crashing. You sometimes have to use trial and error to see which ROMs work if you don’t actually have the game; D2 is available at several websites, but the only one I’ve found that works has a daily bandwidth restriction, which discs three and four are each bigger than.

(Huh. A group of people in the comments came to the conclusion that most games only do it for a little while, whereas D2 makes it consistently.)


STALKER Lost Alpha


Damn. The X-Ray engine, for all of it’s quirks, can pump out hella good lighting.


Plus while it’s hard to run, stuttering is nearly gone, and AA actually works in DX10

Spoilers for LA, blowout in the forest map


Yeah, the lighting has always been one of its strong points.

Just needs working transparency anti-aliasing for the trees and grass…

(I wonder if SGSSAA would work with Lost Alpha’s DirectX 10 renderer?)

War Thunder runs pretty well at 1920x1080 on my Intel HD4600 (with “Old videocards support” mode on…)

Looks reasonably good (except for the clouds, which look like they’re rendered at 96x54 or so).


Just fyi dude, LA has working AA on transparency objects in DX10


Awesome :slight_smile:
I’ve got LA downloaded, just waiting for my repaired/replacement graphics card to arrive before I play it.


Few Lost Alpha from me. And I seem to have been wrong, as the aa does indeed work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any game use transparency multisampling though, which is what LA uses for foliage aa. Wish it ran better for me. Can’t wait to get an 800 series card and hopefully be able to do that.

Haven’t experience anywhere near as many bugs as I’ve seen other people reporting either.



Tried to find out how far I could push CSS; highest settings (shitty ENB off, though), most demanding map I have, but for whatever reason it wouldn’t go up to 1080p without crashing.

Yes, those are over-the-top lens flares, but most of the maps I play don’t have many (if any) artificial lights anyway.