Post your Screenshot!


Love first person shadow.


Same. Thought I’d prefer legs but you barely notice them, and apparently they crash the game so… (speaking of which patch may 1st)

I fucking love how sprawling these maps are

Combined with vehicles and being able to store shit in your trunk which mitigates travel time without resorting to teleportation “fast travel”, it feels absolutely massive (something I’ve always felt was lacking in most of the maps of all of the games, especially CoP with only having 3 maps with no anomaly hazards that impede progress, and supersonic run speed)


if you peer closely you can spot the helicopter that was chasing me before i was thrown by the anomaly


Unreal Engine 4 Elemental demo 3200x1800. (click for full size)


what kinda frames do you get on that regularly?


At 1920 x 1080 it stays pretty much locked at 40 FPS

At 3200 x 1800 it stays pretty much locked at 15 FPS


I’ve been enjoying Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Getting real close to something no boy should be.

Night time.

And Jeremiah the lazy frog villager who’s miraculously returned from my Wild World village (along with Nibbles but nobody cares about her).

I’ve got some more nice ones snapped but uploading them through the 3DS browser is a fucking pain so maybe next time when more things happen to me.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha downsampled from 5760x3240:

I like what I see so far :slight_smile:
Might disable that lens flare though.

I tried to use GeDoSaTo (with the DirectX 9 renderer) but it crashes the game on launch :[
(odd, since it apparently works with Shadow of Chernobyl)

EDIT: Found a way to get GeDoSaTo to work - use SweetFX Injector on Lost Alpha, somehow it stops GeDoSaTo from crashing the game. You don’t need to use any of the effects or tell it to manually load the GeDoSaTo.dll, it just works O_o
This shot downsampled from ‘8K’ 7680x4320:

(not even going to try to upload a full-res shot, >5MB even as a low quality jpeg)

The built-in MSAA options don’t seem to work

EDIT2: Minus ate my screenshots


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Lost Alpha



EDIT2: Minus ate my screenshots


Someone gifted me BF4 back in early January; and It’s got its pros and (lots of) cons, but damnit do I love rocket launchers.

And I want that position in the top 30 so bad.
I’m right there.
I can almost feel it.


EDIT: for a bit of game variety

EDIT2: Minus ate my screenshots


I actually think Watch Dogs looks pretty good. More so at night. Love how the trees move especially.

Wish you could toggle the hud on and off.


what’s the texture quality?


High. Ultra quality requires more than 2GB vram apparently.


Is that severance: blade of darkness?

Nazi killing simulator

Also whatever idtech 5 sucks at is made up for by this games artstyle i think


Yeah :slight_smile:

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots



Pharmington? Someone on the Watch Dogs team must be a fan of “The Shield…”


Wolfenstein: The New Order bullshot (5760x3240 256 blends[COLOR=’#FF8822’]*), click for 3840x2160 {4.8MB}.

Spot the FRAPS framerate counter :stuck_out_tongue:

[COLOR=’#FF8822’]*use console command “screenshot blends 64 XY.tga”. The “blends xx” part of the command seems to use subpixel jitter AA, where “xx” is the number of frames blended. 256 is probably overkill. It doesn’t work on the hand/weapon models.
Screenshots from this command go to “C:\Users[username]\Saved Games\MachineGames\Wolfenstein The New Order\base\screenshots”

More blends and/or lower framerate = longer time to complete.
Using more than 256 blends might result in a messed up image.

Darkscape is cool. Some nice stuff stashed around the place…

Dark Valley also has some nice locations

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots.


It’s… beautiful.

Here’s some 3200x1800 (click to view full size)


Hot damn. I think my GPU would melt if I tried to run that.