Post your Screenshot!


It’s surprisingly well optimized for a pre-alpha build.

On max settings at 1080p I get around 40 FPS.
3200x1800 I get around 22 FPS


I was sort of laughing at the people saying Sleeping Dogs looked better than Watch Dogs but I really don’t know anymore. Watch Dogs does some things better but Sleeping Dogs does some things better too, and it runs better while doing it. I’m excited to see what they’ll manage to do with next gen.


Sleeping Dogs is seriously amazing on PC. Great game, well optimized as long as you have the PC to run it.



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Is that a custom tripmine animation?


It’s from the animation revamp


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the drowner is chapter 1

I don’t know what they did with the cutscenes and conversations in this but they all seem to have messed up / missing AA, regardless of whether you use in-game or driver-forced MSAA. SGSSAA seems to work where MSAA doesn’t, but messes with the depth of field and is a bit blurry (also actually has a performance hit, whereas 8xMSAA runs at 120fps most of the time :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Game is The Forest, full of bug and glitch because it is still in Alpha 0.01b. You can get early access on steam if you want to play it.


I don’t know why but pretty much every game made in the Frostbite engine looks like everything is made of plastic. This is the beta for the new police game.

Also a few more from Sleeping Dogs.



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Slave Zero nGlide 3840x2160 (pillarboxed to 4:3; removed for small image) 8xMSAA + higher res Slave Zero texture

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MGS2 emulates very well. A shame MGS3 is so hard to get working correctly. You basically have to use Native mode to have the proper post-processing, which means you can’t upscale it.


That’s the PC version.


Oh. How on Earth did you get the PC version, let alone working? I’d heard it was a supremely sloppy port.


:pirate: obviously. And yeah it’s a pretty bad port. Once I got it working though it has about the same amount of issues as the emulated version. You need to fix the audio with some program so the game will even start. Then if you have model quality above low textures won’t load, which can be fixed with a hex edit of the exe. Controls were also a pain to set up but I got a good layout. I don’t think there’s any way to use pressure sensitivity on the emulated version, but the PC version has a key/button specifically to get around needing pressure sensitive buttons. Only issue is that prerendered videos won’t play but there’s not too many of those. And I think I had the same problem when emulating it. Oh and can’t use aa (though looking back at the few screenshots I took when emulating the game the 4x resolution and 8x msaa didn’t help much anyway somehow).

Some good things is that it seems to run better than the emulated version but I was doing 4x the native resolution when emulating so that might have been an issue. Going below 60 fps doesn’t cause the actual game to slow down. The thing about pressure sensitivity I mentioned above. And I can turn off the motion blur, which I’ve never liked in the MGS games. So yeah it has its ups and downs. Really wish they’d release the HD collection on PC with a re-port of 2.


If you have an Nvidia graphics card you might be able to get working AA by forcing it through drivers + using Nvidia Inspector to set AA compatibility flags (recently managed to get working AA in Scrapland using the flag for Clive Barker’s Jericho, maybe try that)

Fallout: New Vegas with NMC’s Texture Pack, 8xMSAA, HBAO+

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots


Already tried forcing it. I don’t know any bits to use and not using a bit didn’t work. Do either of the games you mentioned use DX8, because that’s what MGS2 uses. Apparently it has a proprietary edge aa that it uses, kind of like what Crysis uses if you set aa to off, and there’s no way to disable it and it interferes with anything you try to use. I even tried forcing fxaa through the control panel and that didn’t work either.