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Halo CE with some spanish reach campaign mod


Few from MGS on PC.


I really liked how they added the ability to run around/shoot in first person in the PC port of MGS1


I think you have to unlock it first don’t you? Same as the unlimited ammo and stealth I think. Could be wrong. If it controls the same way as normal first person does it won’t do you much good since you can’t really control the camera up and down besides looking at the floor and then looking at the ceiling.


backwards missile launcher >_>


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Are you hacking the Gibson?


waka waka waka


Crysis panorama from 3x 5760x3240 shots. POM/AF fix and tweaked LOD settings, no other mods.


Harbinger. Wish I could get the high-resolution (1024x768) mode to work - with it enabled the game just minimises itself upon starting a new game or loading a save, and can’t regain window focus

EDIT3: It works if you set the game to run in Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility mode

EDIT4: Minus ate my screenshots


I forget how up and down works but it helps with aiming I’m pretty sure.

I think you access it by double tapping triangle, I didn’t need to unlock it.


I’ll have to try it. The normal first person mode doesn’t allow using weapons and I think MGS was made before the PS1 got analog sticks so the up and down movement is purely digital so you can either look at the floor or the ceiling but nothing in between.


Doom 3


Those weapons don’t look vanilla.


I forgot the “+ sikkmod + weapon ops (doom 1 esque shotty and pistol) + trent reznor sound pack + classic weapon sounds”


Sikkmod (?) + Parallax + ???

Textures look like a mix of vanilla and :awesome:

(now I want to reinstall Doom 3)

EDIT: ninja’d. Does Sikkmod include parallax mapping and high resolution textures?

Fallout: New Vegas (with NMC’s Texture Pack) downsampled from 7680x4320 using GeDoSaTo.

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots


wulfen’s texture pack has it. there’s also enhanced doom models for enemies with higher polygon counts.

Sikkmod supports the POM but you need the texture pack to use it

I love POM. Hard to believe this is just a flat surface


Feels kind of like cheating, but SYABH’s built in screenshot function takes screenshots at double whatever resolution you’re playing at. And the game is 64 bit (by default at least) so PrecisionX doesn’t work with it. So these are downsampled from 4k, about 2x ssaa.


I think taking screenshots of killcams might just be my new hobby.

These are all taken with a minimum of graphics mods. I’ve got one that adds better foliage, one for water, a weather/atmosphere mod, and the official HD pack + plus a few other texture mods. No ENB or CBBE or anything.


Skyrim could really benefit from some sort of low density distance fog that doesn’t look like ass


At least it has unlimited draw distance. I’ve been meaning to install one of the many LOD improvement mods, but not gotten around to it.


I hope someone finishes the mod that implemented full-scene water reflections in some areas.

Skyrim’s water was a weird step backwards from Fallout 3 (aside from the surface texture).

EDIT: screenshots

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

EDIT2: Minus ate my screenshots