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Not free camera, I just made The Nameless Hero hug the wall
Risen 2 downsampled from 7680x4320 with disabled HUD and added SMAA using GeDoSaTo.
For screenshots to work at this resolution you need to make the Risen2.exe Large Address Aware (LAA Patcher).

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Have you noticed any difference between the SMAA in SweetFX and the SMAA in GeDoSaTo? I don’t know if SweetFx’s smaa is entirely up to date or if it’s implemented as well as it could be.


As far as I can tell GeDoSaTo includes the most recent version of SMAA available, which might be slightly better optimised than the version in SweetFX 1.5 (not sure if it’s updated in 2.0).

With GeDoSaTo (and a bit of effort if there isn’t already a profile for your game) you can make postprocessing effects (including FXAA or SMAA) render before the HUD - which is good for preventing text blurring from FXAA or doing stuff like this:

:rolleyes: not the best example but you probably get the idea

EDIT: also there was an update just released a short time ago which added extra user setting files that don’t get overwritten by the automatic updater utility

EDIT2: Minus ate my screenshots


Cool, I’m going to try that then. I do sometimes get framerate drops using the SMAA in SweerFX for some reason. I know there’s a small performance hit but it seems more than it should be in some games.

Edit: Does it work with DX11 games though? I’m looking at the downsampling compatible games and a lot of them have issues in DX11 and apparently OpenGL isn’t supported at all. I don’t really care about the downsampling though, does the SMAA have issues in DX11 games?


Probably not - DirectX 10 and 11 support is planned but not fully working at the moment. Not sure what will end up happening with OpenGL, maybe someone will make a plugin / add support somehow

EDIT: Some DX11 games (e.g. War Thunder) will detect added downsampling resolutions, but GeDoSaTo doesn’t hook into them properly yet - AA and post effects don’t work and the resolution won’t scale correctly


UT2004 with ut2341


The first person I see in the game has a freaking obrez.




Path of Exile (and pretty foliage)

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Dishonored. Forgot to remove the UI in the second but screw it, I like it.

Blade and Soul. I have so many pictures from this game so I picked some at random.


Grass shadows in Lost Alpha are amazing!



Did they re-activate that feature in one of the patches or did you have to tweak / mod it somehow to get them working?

(if I remember correctly Shadow of Chernobyl had grass shadows when it was released but they were disabled by one of the patches - possibly in favour of longer grass draw distance)


If I remember correctly in Shadow of Chernobyl grass shadows never really worked and was there just for lolz. Lost Alpha fixed it.


Went and looked at one of my LA screenshots from a while back and yep, it has grass shadows. Not sure why I thought they were still missing… memory, you have failed me :frowning:

Path of Exile

Died about 5 times here because of lag / desync / state rewind, even though my ping was only 70 - 110ms. Guess the server couldn’t handle so many enemies at once. EDIT: This seems to be occurring more frequently as I progress through the game, ugh.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

3x3 panorama.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Nice detail on Ezio

No first person camera option in normal gameplay = have to resort to wall-hugging for environment screenshots :frowning:


Path of Exile again

(cropped to remove interface)

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NOLF is so great.


Too bad we’ll probably never see a sequel again. I really think the original is up there with Half-Life and doesn’t get nearly the praise it deserves

Great voice acting, writing, and the game is longer than any FPS game I’ve ever played (I think it has over 40 levels? Each mission has several) - and yet every god damn mission has its own environment/texture set and they always change the objectives so it doesn’t get stale.

I know i may seem to be overly praising it, and it’s not without flaws, but playing it through (never finished it before) I’m just astonished how monolith managed to make this game, especially in 2000.

I mean, NOLF 2 was always one of my favorite games and while the stealth and some combat mechanics are improved in 2, NOLF 1 makes 2 look like a piece of garbage cash-grab in comparison.


Yeah, Monolith have made some great games.
I hope Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor turns out well.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations:

World of Tanks:

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Finally figured out how DSR works on the new Nvidia GPUs. You have to select the resolution you want in game. Tried it with MP3 because it’s one of the most optimized games I’ve played. Can get pretty solid 60 fps with 3x ssaa (which the Nvidia control panel says is 3325x2078, so not quite 4k) and I left the in game fxaa on. Some of the effects like the VCR like effects do cause framerate drops occasionally but it’s mostly during cutscenes and is pretty rare.


Major spoiler screens

The engine for this game is so fucking sexy