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Some ultra high resolution alien selfies. (click for full size)

I have to say, Alien: Isolation is really well optimized. The game still runs a smooth 60 FPS in 3200x1800



I’m sick of all of your high definition screenshots. So here’s some screenshots I took with my phone of my original Xbox, captured from a 90’s era CRT television. Show that Alien game how REAL scanlines are done.

So I made a Forza Motorsport paint job to celebrate the upcoming release of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5.

15 decals left side
10 decals rear bumper
3 decals front bumper
12 decals right side
66 decals top side
106 total decals for the whole car, about 2-2.5 hours of work

The P5 lettering was probably the most problematic part of this paint job, taking 17 layers out of the 66 I used on the roof. (Sorry for the extra scanlines here, for some reason attempting to get a shot of the room caused them. Only certain angles of the car would have scanline free images in my phone.)

The sides are meant to depict a twisted skyline, with a road suspended over water. Chains stream out of the city in an elaborate patchwork of oppression and pain, to match the game’s self professed theme of attaining “emancipation” from being “a slave.” It also looks REALLY FUCKING COOL. Some of the chains make use of Forza’s tilt and resizing to make them appear different sizes or in motion.


Skyrim ENB Image-based lighting can be beautiful sometimes


Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000

Skirmish mode
1920x1080, 4x4 supersampling. 120 FPS (v-sync). :smiley:

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D

nGlide, 1440x1080, 16xS antialiasing.
Using nGlide causes it to crash just after the medal screen when you complete a mission - thankfully it still saves progress (so far at least).

World of Tanks

(Fury promo garage)

Stalingrad panorama

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots


Aliens vs. Predator (2000) was a damn fine game. That marine campaign was tense.


Morrowind with MGSO + MAO


Now the music is stuck in my head again :slight_smile:


World of Tanks

More Stalingrad

…it’s a bit grey, think I’ll find something else to screenshot.


Rogue Trooper

8x SGSSAA using 0x000032C1 (might not be ideal, but it seems to work)
HBAO+ using 0x0000001F (some other bits like 2C work as well, but they’re very subtle)
Tried 3840x2160 but it minimises itself when I try to set the resolution. 2560x1440 and 3200x1800 work fine.

EDIT2: more

EDIT3: more (from cutscenes)


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

EDIT5: Reached the second area - more screenshots

EDIT6: Minus ate my screenshots


Few GZ PC screenshots.

While I’m glad that the shadow quality was improved, they do look way too sharp. Though Lost Alpha’s shadows look pretty much the same, which is interesting.

Could also use some better aa but that’s pretty much a luxury these days since msaa almost never works and ssaa is too intensive most of the time.


Lords of the Fallen


Vertical panorama (x4)

“Proving Ground” panorama (x10)


Wanted to make a panorama here, but… seams :confused:
(also, lack of good places to clip the camera through Harkyn)

“Eternal Flame / The Panorama” panorama :stuck_out_tongue: (x6)


“Planetarium” window vertical panorama (x3)


EDIT5: Minus ate my screenshots


Couple 4k CoP screenshots with the SGM 2.2 Lost Soul mod. Shame I can’t play the game at this resolution unless I want to play at ~30 fps.


^^The details.

Some screenshots from my last Skyrim character playthrough.

From my current playthrough. Five dragons attack inside Whiterun’s walls(Dragon Combat Overhaul had a hickup or something) Since I’m playing with Requiem and was level 15 here I couldn’t really do anything else than hoping to hit them with poisoned bolts, Aela did most of the damage. 2 Dragons flew off when the Aela had shot down the first three. Somehow the casualties was just a few guards and the town cow.

…Are you serious


Some cinematic screens i took in Homeworld Remastered when I paused the game


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

EDIT: …seems the forum cuts off images instead of scaling after the recent update. Open the images in new tabs to view them full-size (especially the first, 2nd-last and last images - they’re much wider than the others).
EDIT3: Scaling seems to be fixed, yay :slight_smile:


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

EDIT3: Minus ate my screenshots


this games very great…im ever try,and i love it,…


Using 75 vertical fov for first person with a fov mod.


I’m really enjoying Halo Online


Have modders made it essentially Halo 3 PC yet? Because that’s what I hear they were trying to do. Remove the microtransactions and modify it a bit.


Right now it’s basically Halo 3 PC with sprint. The leaked alpha they used as a base didn’t have the microtransactions and they basically modified the game to use Halo 3 xbox 360’s console UI so we could play LAN through the system link menu

Comes with a launcher, next version has things like saving/loading forge variants, full armor customization, centered crosshair and raw input, and a built in server browser


World of Tanks

Overlord map

EDIT: Minus ate my screenshots