Pre-Disaster Planning Thread

The ceiling would in reality be lit by reflected light from the floor, plus whatever made it through the reflectors on top of the lights. Source’s lighting engine is pretty bad at modeling that, though, so the ceiling is actually directly lit.

Hi guys!

I wanted to know if there is already someone doing the “Power UP” and “On a Rail” chapters, because I want to do them.
I’ve done a bit of “Power Up”, to be able to learn how to use Hammer, and I’m pretty satisfied with the progress.
On “On a Rail”, I want to do the Uncut version. I’ve already taken a look at their mapsrc files and I’ve had some ideas.

Here some pictures of the progress on “Power Up” to give you an idea of how it’s going so far. All images are WIP.

Entrance point of the chapter, with lighting restored. I’ll still put some things on the shelves.

Here i only removed the debris of the fight and the military box, but i’m thinking about to putting more objects.

Looking good, but have you gotten to lighting yet? Overall I think you could do a lot with just making the lights brighter and paler, but I can already spot a potential area where you might want to create a brighter replacement texture- the concrete on the walls, between the green strips.

I noticed that these screenshots are very dark. Because of the high brightness of my main monitor, my brightness ingame is low. I will increase the brightness of the game for the next screenshots.

On my main monitor, that place has very good lighting.

Ah. I had kind of the opposite problem with Office Complex:

I’d suggest playing with the settings in mat_monitorgamma_tv_. Those can be controlled independently of the options-menu gamma (represented by the console variable mat_monitorgamma with no “TV” part), and can be enabled or disabled all at once and even bound to keys.

Basically you need to be able to do a convincing scientist or Barney. There’s already a person I’ve contacted about voice work so far, but it’s always good to have more than one voice.

In theory this will be possible once Xen is out, assuming the devs are still on track with their fix for custom scripts not working post-Steampipe.

Hey, so I was wondering if I could take the position for a map in Surface Tension. bm_c2a5c. I know it’s only one map (and quite specific), but hey, personal preference I guess. Anyways, all I really have to show for at this moment is just a catwalk I fixed up and that’s about it, but I plan to do much more work on the map to clean it up and add some detail.

Of course I don’t have much to show for yet. Just posting this here to hopefully make sure no conflicts occur with future Surface Tension development.

Well it’s as good a start as any… knock yourself out!

Alrighty. And, one more thing. It seems there haven’t been any updates on PD Blast Pit in over a year (at least on the blast pit restoration thread) and I was curious about the status of that, since it’s one of my favorite chapters in the game. Seems like there’s a considerabe amount of planning and thought put into the chapter over some others, and I was wondering if there has been any progress.

I was originally waiting for Frag to get back to me on some things, but it looks like he’s left the project. I might return to it in the distant future as a solo project, but at the moment I can’t really say it’s being developed.

In the ARG, these areas were pointed out as private rooms, requested by Dr. Horn for his unclassified experiments (the HALOS AI and etc) and that these rooms are locked 24/7. They were probably marked as AUX in the map to prevent further suspicion between all personnel, may it be science or security. Because who wants to tell anyone you’ve been working on an AI for the past months while eating slices of pizza and probably confusing everyone in the ARG?

Now, I wanted to mess around with the Residue Processing chapter a bit. I’ve been looking around, finding a lot of military crates/boxes. My question is, they couldn’t have possibly riddled the entire facility with these boxes within hours of time after the invasion. Could some of these military crates and containers have been in the facility before the incident? Judging by the fact that the facility is government run, and because of how high-security it is, I’m presuming there would be some minor military prescence regardless of the situation. I’m not exactly sure though, and this thread is great at discussing the inner workings of the BMRF, so hey.

yes some military supplies would be in various areas of black mesa. They do have onsite military. That said the onsite military would likely not be in any part we actually see in BM.

I think there’s a good possibility that much of what we see surrounding the hangar in Surface Tension was military-purposed. The Lambda Complex and other areas dealing directly with Xenians also likely had a disproportionate amount of military weapons and hardware.

My general rule of thumb is that stuff that’s actually stored properly was native to Black Mesa, while stuff that’s just piled up in the middle of rooms was likely brought in by the military.

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I’m not putting this in my Apprehension thread because this pertains to multiple pre-disaster projects, and it gives me an excuse to bug Admiral Sakai to get his planning thread info up to date.

With already making a rail station in pd_c2a3a, I’ve decided to create a whole new map, pd_c2a3d (I’ll go over it in more depth on my own thread later).

Pretty much, pd_c2a3d would be a continuation of the Ichy labs with former logistics offices, the other side of the blastdoors/airlock, a warehouse or two, and some doors leading between pd_c2a3a and pd_c2a3b. The main thing of importance (at least for the whole PD project), though, is the train leading to QE. I’m not thinking how to make it yet, but knowing how it will the track will have to be orientated will help with getting the split I want (Orange) down to the loading bay track (Red). The big thing I’m thinking about is that depending on how much of track is necessary to convincingly look like a reasonable connection to QE, Its own map might be dedicated to that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Admiral Sakai needs to update this tread, and there needs to be a dedicated pre-disaster transit system thread. (And map pack once everything is finished, but that’s too far in the future.)

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I actually was considering abandoning this thread because I wasn’t finding it particularly useful, but if you’re finding it helpful I’ll go back over it.

I’ve been using a somewhat interpretative map of the BM facility to guide BMPD; we could easily add the transit system to that: An Inaccurate Map

I think it’d be possible to include everything you are proposing in one map as with BM’s engine updates they can in fact get pretty large, but structurally I think that sounds good. Currently I am planning two OAR-style rail exits from the QE tram station; either one could connect to Apprehension. I think the best option would be to design the tram stations independently and then come up with a section of connecting tunnel once both are ready.

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Wow, okay. It is currently 1 in the morning, and i’ve been blocking out how App, RP, and QE fit together, and I have to say, DON’T JUST USE 2D IMAGES TO SPACE OUT NEW STUFF!

I started out, bored, at 10, trying to find how far the marines take you from the App hangar. I know it is guaranteed that they go north, because the mod version includes the trash compactor in map C of App.

Looking at both .RK’s maps (Steam and mod) the hangar can roughly fit. I don’t care about the transition from App B that much, as it’s painfully obvious that it is a warp. (You start the generator at 2:34 _m, and get to the hangar at dawn, plus you double back into the giant pit if it were one big map) But will the maps be deep enough?


While it may not look like it fits, it definitely does, with plenty of excess space. “Great, I can put it where ever I want!” I said to myself.

Then I remembered the skyboxes, and how they don’t line up. Crap.

EDIT: Currently 2 in the morning

I’m having a hard time seeing exactly what the problem is here or what you mean by the skyboxes not lining up, although long ago I decided it is generally better to take a more interpretive sense of the large-scale layout of Black Mesa instead of matching everything brush-for-brush between maps- I’d still consider that one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for PD.

The thing with the skyboxes is that both of them are valleys, which limits how close they can be placed. What I want to do with C is have one or two hallways, maybe a maintenance corridor to get to the trash compactor. If I make it too long, it’ll just feel disconnected and, long. If it’s too short, it becomes obvious that something happened.

Yeah, putting the skyboxes together myself I can see the issue now. Although they might have taken Freeman through another part of the facility to get to RP, since we don’t know how long he was unconscious. This is especially interesting since we know that dm_bounce and dm_undertow are also part of the Residue complex.