Pre-Disaster Planning Thread


Well, I’m glad to hear you’re back in the game!

As for me, work on the A map of We’ve Got Hostiles is going slowly, but steadily. The only reason I haven’t posted any screenshots in a while is because none of my work is at a level that I would deem “presentable”. I can’t say exactly when you’ll see new media, but I’d say that you’ll definitely see something by the end of March (hopefully, the map will actually be finished by then).


I’m afraid I’m going to have to delay the Cafeteria Update yet again, citing the demands of my real-life work, other semi-urgent projects, fatigue with going over the lighting in B map over and over, and additional computer trouble (recently rectified). As a consolation prize, have some more Questionable Ethics:

With the tripmines and the fog taken out of it, Cryonics actually looks really empty. Not really sure what, if anything, to do about that.

I have to say that while I love the way it looks, the positioning of this room just makes no sense. It would be much better to have it go offices->surgery->crematory, but since the area’s layout has important gameplay considerations perhaps it would have been better for the BM devs to make this a storeroom or something?

The surgery itself is going to be difficult to fix up properly because both the surgerybot and the control panel have blood textures baked into them (and just in general the surgerybot is a very finicky entity to work with). I’m also not at all sure how scientists are supposed to get to those control panels behind railings, but whatever.

Really not sure if I like the superbright lighting, although the storeroom does look nice. Another room that makes no sense, by the way- how do they get gurneys up those stairs, and then through that narrow little door?!

Over all, I’m finding Questionable Ethics way easier to work with than any of the maps in Office Complex- I’m considering, once the Cafeteria Update is finally out, whether or not I want to table OC for the time beinf and focus entirely on QE.


very nice. One thing though, shouldn’t those red lights in that hallway (3rd picture) be off since there is no emergency?


I dunno, on my monitor they register as yellow. More importantly, since all of QE is very blue, I kind of want as many sources of warm colors as I can get…


Those lights appear (to me) to be emergency lights, the kind that flick on whenever there’s an emergency. Now, I’ve never actually been in a functioning testing facility IRL before so I can’t attest to this as being fact, but that’s how I’ve always taken those lights.

I just went through AM and found that there are only two of those lights in the chapter (both in the control room overlooking the test chamber) and those lights are on. I’m not sure if that means anything, though, since they were prepping for the test.

Just my opinion, but I believe it would be better for a normal functioning day to have those lights off. shrug


While I try to figure out what to do about that hallway in pd_c1a2c, I went through and fixed up Questionable Ethics’s c2a4h. It’s a tiny map in mostly good condition, so it only took me a couple hours:

Needs more cars?


looks very good. Its annoying that we dont have any available maintenance or office personnel models rather than only scientist and security.


So, I’ve come out of the Questionable Ethics tunnel map (and, perhaps more importantly, my cinder-block dungeon of an IRL workplace) with a fresh perspective, and I’m thinking that with this antiseptic blue-white lighting everywhere and some of the “leak” decals removed, that basementy area might actually pass for a proper hallway:

So now I really don’t know what to do.


While I’m mulling that over, let’s discuss an area that I’m already pretty sure what to do with- the “second floor” on the opposite end of the map:

This area really, really looks like a lobby: it’s got an elevator at one end, a pair of big red doors to a stairwell on the other, and a big rectangular space with nothing much in it in the middle. That one office on the far wall can’t be the extent of Admin 3 so there’s got to be more somewhere, but… for a lobby, this place doesn’t really have another exit for the rest of it to go.

For a while I thought that Admin 3 might be through the grey door also on the stairwell, but not only is there a warning sign on that one (not just “restricted area” or something, mind you, but “DANGER”!), but the inside clearly looks like a maintenance area. I’m not actually sure what to do with this place if it doesn’t go to Admin 3, as one of the hallways beyond collides with the top of the tunnel room and the other goes out over the lobby at the map start. I may actually put the document incinerator up here, as it’s near a freight elevator entrance and the facility hub.

This means that, as odd and bathroom-like as they look, the most probable exit to Admin 3 is actually these white doors. If that’s the case I don’t actually plan to unlock them, as Admin 3 would be its own map and far too large to include in this one.

As a side note, this lobby is not the one that serves the second elevator in Admin 2- that I already know will be placed behind this door, with its main red doors opening out somewhere into the right fork of this hallway:

As another side note, I don’t intend to include the elevator shaft catwalks and maintenance areas in this map- they are in fact several stories up, making them a better fit for connecting to We’ve Got Hostiles.

As another other side note, while it looks like the doors connecting the printer room to the office are meant to be the same, there is in fact a goodly amount of space in between them. I may add a maintenance closet like I did in B map, or since that area would properly be part of Admin 3 just leave them locked.


Nice work thus far!


Updated the master list to reflect ArcHammer’s release of pd_c1a2c!


pd_c1a1c* Haha, thanks Admiral for the list update.
Edit: The map should load normally now, by the way. Had the wrong file order.


This may have been answered elsewhere all ready, and I apologize if it has, but:

Are you guys going to modify the entire Black Mesa Research Facility to be pre-disaster like this, then release all the maps as a standalone? I’d love to be able to go from the beginning of Anomalous Materials to the end of Lambda Core pre-disaster. :slight_smile:


I’m not at all sure of the logistics of how we’re going to do that, yet, but it’s definitely the plan.


Look at my avatar. That’s how you made me feel about the project. :slight_smile:


Well, as long as we keep the level transitions in their original areas, we can re-create the singleplayer experience in pre-disaster.
It’s going to be a long ride before that though!


Updated to reflect QUESTIONABLE ETHICS.


And there’s G map!

In terms of the existing areas of Questionable Ethics, there’s a few things that still need to be addressed:

I would like to allow the player into the Xen area, but I’d also like to not have dozens of headcrabs swarm them as soon as they set foot inside. Making the headcrabs friendly to the player just seems weird.

Not very taken with the lighting in some areas, but using what I’ve learned in Office Complex I imagine I could clear it up pretty quick.

Some models that don’t have a clean design are still bloody. Going to have to do a fair bit of technical stuff to make sure that custom models actually work, and brush up on my Photoshopical skills.

I’d like to get the decon locks working, but that may have to be pushed off until much later in the project.

Not sure what to do about the Teslas… I’d like to have the scientists react if you turn them on, but in some areas like Aquatics with a lot of complicated scripting and geometry this might not be easy to do without custom LCSs, etc. I’ve just got them locked down for now.

Currently there are no scientists in the actual room with the laser because I am not sure how they should react to it being fired (especially since Freeman can use it to destroy their computers, the Tau Cannon, and himself).

Similarly, I don’t know how they should react to the player injuring or killing himself with the laser beams. For that matter, Freeman is now interacting with them without the HEV- doesn’t that mean they should do much more damage?


So, I’ve been thinking a bit about how freight could get into Lab D (optronics), and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to worry about it because it is in fact literally impossible: there’s only three entrances to Lab D, period, and two of those are tiny doors crates can’t fit through and one is a staircase. Even if we assumed that there was some other entrance hidden in the Macroscale Quantum Labs (which would make zero sense), those labs have exactly the same tiny doors.

This is actually a good thing for me, because I was concerned about how to get a freight elevator into one of the maintenance areas and connect it to the first floor… but now it’s just as plausible that crates are brought up the lobby elevators and through the Lab C door.

(Also, had a lot of fun building the Data Bank. I work in CS myself, so that one hit a little close to home.)


We’re actually planning on that, although it’ll be a good ways off.

Although, as a side note, I am convinced that that rail system we travel through in OAR is anything but abandoned.