Pre-Disaster Planning Thread


yeah that one is pretty old i believe and it doesnt totally fit with all the canon stuff. Ive tried to use this one when i made a map buti had to change a great deal. Its not the best around imo.


Glad to see I was able to spark some discussion.

Yeah, the problem with Black Mesa is that the developers changed a lot of the layout. Looking through the maps, I can already see that they created a slew of new problems by changing things. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful for their work, but there are certain things that we know about certain areas that should have been included.

I’m thinking specifically of the loader room on the intro ride. The tram line Gman is on has a lift that should be clearly visible. Instead, the tunnel meanders off to the right, right into the Sector C entrance. This frustrates me to no end, as I’m one of these people who like things to all connect together nicely.

That said, I’m working on the Area 3 Dormitories right now. Hope to have something to show in a few days, assuming work doesn’t bury me again.

Thanks for all the resources as well. You can guarantee I’ll use some of those maps.


As the creator of that map, I agree entirely.
I tried to fit BM, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force together, but couldn’t do so cleanly and made a few other logistical errors as well.
One of these days I should get around to figuring out that goes where with a spreadsheet or something and remake that map, unless someone else gets to it first.

(Also if someone else gets to it first, may we use it in Hazard Course?)


For Pre-Disaster maps, how does one force scientists/security guards to use pre-disaster skins/sentences? Even looking at the mapsrc files, its baffling. Why the developers didn’t include a pre-disaster tic box, like in the original Half-Life, is beyond me…

If one of the more experienced mappers could help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


There is an env_global you have to set. You can copy that from any of the Anomalous Materials maps, or from any of the published pre-disaster ones.

Unfortunately, this does not affect NPC skins- to get those, your NPCs need to be named after NPCs in an existing pre-disaster map.


It also bothers me that there is no npc available other than a security and a scientist. I know that there are other types around but i dont know if we can use those.


I guess you could use ai_relationship if you wanted to use military… I don’t know if the contruction worker models are animated , but otherwise you could use those too?


I tried but the downside is that the military hasn’t got any interaction function with the player. They are also not present in BM before the disaster. I haven’t found any construction worker models.


Giving an NPC_human_security the name of one of the soldiers mentioned in the character manifest will create an entity that looks like a soldier, but has the dialogue and AI of a security guard.


Are there any maps that include Decay?


If someone makes decay maps that fit our quality standards and gave us permission to use them, we’d definitely restore them.


Yeah, a lot of trigger stuff would have to be employed with that method. The construction workers are probably part of On A Rail Uncut and very likely non-animated, then…


Create a custom character_manifest.txt, add your own names with custom npc models and use them in there?

Gamebanana has a couple of other npc models you could use:

You’d probably have to rename the models, but with a bit of Notepad++ tweaking it should be doable.


I’ve actually occasionally teased the idea of recreating the areas seen in Dual Access and Resonance (ht01accident and ht04dampen, respectively). The easiest one to recreate would be ht01accident, seeing that we already know exactly how it relates to the Anomalous Materials labs seen in Half-Life position-wise. It might be a bit harder to recreate ht04dampen, seeing as unlike ht01accident, we do not have a good idea of how it relates to Half-Life’s Sector C. In fact, for all we know, it might not actually be in Sector C. And even though the starting area does look a lot like the top of the Anti-Mass spectrometer, we don’t know that for sure. And even if it is the top of the AMS, we don’t know exactly how it’s positioned relative to the AM labs (unlike ht01accident, where we have a pretty good idea of its relative positioning due to the location of the sample elevator). But I suppose I could always just recreate it as a standalone map and get the whole positioning thing worked out at a later date. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.


Greetings! I understand there’s a potential need for voice actors in this project’s future? If so, I’d like to volunteer! I’ve got a mic I bought specifically for doing voice work, a $20 pop filter, and know how to use noise reduction in Audacity. I can also do a passable impression of the VAs for some of the scientist types already in the game, imo. Let me know if you’re interested!


At the moment there are still a few technical issues preventing us from including our custom voicework in the game properly, but when those are resolved I will definitely be giving you a call.


Took another moment to play around with Blast Pit, this time using some lights imported from Questionable Ethics. I’m pretty happy with the result- it really helps the area feel… well, still industrial, but also active and well-maintained:


Hold on, are those lights suppose to light up the ceiling as well?


The ceiling would in reality be lit by reflected light from the floor, plus whatever made it through the reflectors on top of the lights. Source’s lighting engine is pretty bad at modeling that, though, so the ceiling is actually directly lit.


Hi guys!

I wanted to know if there is already someone doing the “Power UP” and “On a Rail” chapters, because I want to do them.
I’ve done a bit of “Power Up”, to be able to learn how to use Hammer, and I’m pretty satisfied with the progress.
On “On a Rail”, I want to do the Uncut version. I’ve already taken a look at their mapsrc files and I’ve had some ideas.

Here some pictures of the progress on “Power Up” to give you an idea of how it’s going so far. All images are WIP.

Entrance point of the chapter, with lighting restored. I’ll still put some things on the shelves.

Here i only removed the debris of the fight and the military box, but i’m thinking about to putting more objects.