Progressive Rock - Godbless Thee, Mooseheart

I’m sorta new here, been posting for about the last week, so I figured I’d give this thread a shot.

Godbless Thee, Mooseheart, my solo project, is an experimental/progressive rock project that blends a wide array of influences into a theatrical form of rock that aims for creating a real sense of atmosphere (in more complicated ways than simply dousing the music in gallons of reverb). One other very important goal of Mooseheart is to really pull the listener’s heartstrings in different ways in order to really bring to life a sense of theatricality. It does this by changing the musical style according to the meaning of the song. For example, on Mooseheart’s upcoming album, The Prison, Pt. I, where the album tells a complete story from beginning to end, somber moments of the albums are much more ambient and low-key, usually including airy keyboards, acoustic guitars, and eBow arrangements while more traumatic or angry parts of the album take upon a semi-melodic metal style. But these are only the extremes of the project’s genre bending, as it covers pretty much everything else in between.

The aforementioned upcoming album, The Prison, Pt. I (pictured above) is the first in a series of two rock operas telling the story of a person’s life starting from the moment of his birth and ending upon his reaching of adulthood. Part one covers his typically rocky adolescence and rejection of the world around him while part two will cover his coming-of-age and acceptance of the world around him. The record’s overall theme is one of what I term the “teen condition”, trying to sum up, in two albums, the experience of adolescence, in all of it’s nostalgic beauty and bittersweet roughness, into a story that speaks to people from all walks of life about the universal experience of growing up.

The album drops November 11th, 2012 and has been called “…an interesting piece of work that brings some of the artistry back into the progressive/avant-garde style…” by The Offering (read here) and the first Mooseheart album, Higher was praised as being “…on a much more advanced level than most self-released music” by reviewer Mike Korn.

One non-album song, For A Greater Purpose was inspired by my affinity for 90’s sci-fi games (games like StarCraft, System Shock 2, Half-Life, and Marathon) and is very different than most other Mooseheart music.

The primary single for the album, the title track “The Prison”, can be heard here.

To any of you who didn’t tl;dr, thanks for have the generosity to check out my work. Anything is greatly appreciated.