Project: Corset PS2 (Completed)

Project: Corset PS2 (Completed)

Hi Everyone,

I wasn´t planning on doing a worklog on this project as it was made as a pressent for the missus who loved her playstation 2 to play the tekken games but unfortunately it broke a few months back. So for her birthday I decided I would buy one and combine it with her other passion, corsets.

Now I´ve never owned a PS2 before nor have I opened one so I had to look it up and so on. Luckily I quickly found out that they are quite simple to take apart so that made my life easier. I also found out that the plastic they are made out is rather bad, and it was extremely hard to sand it down to get smooth edges. I´m not entirely happy with how the back window cut came out but I am extremely happy on how the final thing looked.

So here are 27 pictures from start to finish, most of them from the finish as I didn´t plan to do a worklog out of it, I hope you enjoy them, thanks for reading.

PS: The missus was delighted and loves her birthday pressie : )

Just a suggestion, but next time you could post this in the Show-Off thread.

Um, he’s put it in the show off forum, why would you put it anywhere else?

It is in the show-off forum :confused:

The “Show Off Your Latest” thread is for when you have a few pictures or a video or something smaller like that. Luciel posts a ton of pics when he’s working on a project. It’s much easier to keep track of something like this when it has it’s own thread.

and nice work there.

No offense, but your PS2 looks like a slut. :stuck_out_tongue:

That makes no sense Dias :S

yes it does.

So you´re saying that anything or anyone in a corset looks like a slut?

No, just that your PS2 does :retard:

fair enough then :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck what Johnyo said, yes. Everything in a corset looks like a slut.