Public Beta - Bugs I've encountered


[/size]Some of the bugs I’ve encountered in the public beta. Focusing on things I haven’t seen reported on the forums yet. Meant to post about this much sooner, and y’all might already be aware of these by now.[/size]

[/size]Translucent Metal Textures[/size]
In a few spots, I’ve noticed that certain metal textures appear translucent when you shine the flashlight on them. First noticed this in Questionable Ethics, then later discovered it in Lambda Core and Residue Processing

Questionable Ethics:
In the room with the houndeyes

Lambda Core:
In the moving platforms puzzle

Acts the same way on both sides of the door

Residue Processing:
In the vent over the vat of acid in the first map

Residue Processing: Chompers[/size]
No matter what, I can’t get through the first set of stompy-chompers on the conveyor belt. Always worked perfectly fine until now.
Tried following this guide (link), but still no luck.

Dynamic lights shine through solid objects. Lighting and shadows also seeming weird and unnatural in other places

Anomalous Materials:
Area around the doors is darker than the wall, especially with Freeman’s locker.

Lighting seems strange and bright, and there’s a shadow that doesn’t belong.

Office Complex:
In the room with the two scientists hiding.

On a Rail:
Battery lights tend to act like this in a lot of places, but I’m using this shot because the lighting on the lockers also seems wrong in other ways.


What the hell is the Scientist doing underneath the train?! This was present during the December Update, and still not fixed on the April Update.


can confirm the scientist bellow the tram bug.

but it is just one of many bugs related to things not being lined up with where they where, ranging from the minor like the camera in the test chamber to even more minor like

A guard leaning on air.


Some things I’ve noticed since the hotfix:

I can confirm that the translucent texture bug is still there in two of the places I pointed out. The flashlight itself look a whole lot nicer, though.

Got my head stuck when climbing the ladder out of the trash compactor. Couldn’t move at all. Reloaded my save then climbed the ladder a bit more carefully, and I was fine.

I flew up into the air after landing in the water after leaving the trash compactor. This happened before and after the hotfix.

Shadows are on the wrong side of the sign at the dam.

Other notes:

  • I can finally get through the Residue Processing mashers again. Yay!
  • I’ve noticed a significant improvement with the performance of dynamic shadows. They still act a bit slow and choppy at times, but overall they’re much nicer.
  • Really fascinated by that HEV Zombie in the game files.