Questions to game_round_win & mp_round_time Entities

Hello fellas,
i am trying to create some kind of an Assault for the Mutiplayer, but i am stuck with some open questions, i hope the Devs can help me here.

1). I can add with the mp_round_time Entity time to the Timer with the Input AddRoundTime but it seems the Round Time property is not working. Could it be the server overwrites this value with the Server values? Or does the Entity need somehow be activated? I havnt found an Input for this.
is there a way to create an output when the round time is over? I want to make the Marines win when the Scientists Team have failed to fulfill their task in the given time.

2). Next problem i have is with the game_round_win Entity, the RoundWin Input works fine but i activated the keyvalues Force map reset & Switch teams on map win?, both seems not to work. After the Scientists won the round the Server changes to the next level, no matter what Value is set to Force map reset.

3). n the Crossfire Update you had this change: “Can now lock teams for competitive play” how does it work? Is it possible to activate it in a map?

4). And the last question for this post is: How can i add several items to the Team Spawnpoints? I tried to seperate the items with commas but it dont seems to work.

If anyone is interested in the .vmf file, i uploaded it here for research: Klick me!