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I don’t know what TROB is.


The Ruins of Beverast, I thought it was obvious :stuck_out_tongue:


A sound soul dwells within a sound mind, and within a sound body.


I can see a frozen point in time
Where her figure still awaits
Tongue of fire tracing lips outline
Where frozen breath originates
With one motion of her wanting eyes
She strips everything away
This one moment is intensified
And colors all fade to gray

I am in the only place that I want to be
Though we know that it ends eventually
But it’s alright because right now we’re frozen

I want to forget mistakes they’ve helped me make
It’s better to be broken than to break

Inside this fantasy
It seems so real to me
Synthetic ecstasy when her legs are open

True love behind the wall
Where men and angels fall
A fading memory when my mind is frozen


Heh, yeah I had kind of a brain fart. I was like “TROB? What the hell is he talking about”, then a couple hours later I was kicking myself. But yeah, TRoB are one of my favorite black metal bands.

As poisoning light
Ignores my futile desire for sleep
I find myself surrounded by mirrors
Blinding me
With this abhorrent colour
With my abhorrent flesh
With their abhorrent grin
This must be the most raging maelstrom
The deepest climax
My saviour, my mere witness indeed
I perceive your presence
Yet, you cannot approach …
This hell is mine
I shall die between bronze walls.


No one truly has the answers
Everyday I struggle through it once more
Keep things bottled up
Never speaking my mind
I’m doing just fine

Every day I
Put a brave face on
Serves me well
Feeling helpless
Facing it alone

Hard to tell
That I
Can’t change who I am
How I feel
There’s no end

I have done what you asked of me
Leaves me nothing to live for

Coming undone
Way to high a price
I should pay
You keep your pride
While I die inside
Every day
No I
Can’t lie anymore
Won’t pretend
I’ve done
All I can

You can’t imagine
The hell I’m going through
Not asking you to save me
I’m too far from Heaven

Nothing you can do to change me
But accept me
As I am


E non vi preoccupate,stiamo sempre bene
stiamo sempre meglio
abbiamo tutto quello che ci serve
un divorzio alle spalle, il family day
il plasma e la miss da imbalsamare e per arrotondare giochi on-line fai dello strip per ottenere ciò che vuoi
restiamo in bilico, nessuna scelta no
Meglio nascondersi in un tranquillo senso di appartenenza la moglie in vacanza, l’amante e un figlio di troppo
ma se il cinismo è la fuga migliore
è solo l’ira che ingoio
è la bellezza che muore

Signore e signori, se il dubbio vi assale non abbiate paura e cantate con noi: stiamo sempre meglio!

è la paura di poter cambiare per due minuti di immortalità e non importa se dobbiamo morire perchè noi stiamo sempre meglio!


When all around is burning,
You are the flame, you are the sun
You’ll burn your way to a secret place
To a place where you can breath


on the back of a cartoon coaster
in the blue tv screen light
I drew a map of Canada
Oh Canadaaaaaaaaaaaa
with your face sketched on it twice


Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you
You’re so like the lady with the mystic smile
Is it only 'cause you’re lonely they have blamed you?
For that Mona Lisa strangeness in your smile?




Just as I thought it was going alright,
Found out I’m wrong when I thought I was right,
It’s always the same it’s just a shame,
That’s all



Day’s run, days set plot
our compass shot
we sailed waywardly on
singing out midnight archer songs
until well past dawn
it’s still dark in the deck of our boat
haphazardly blown broken bows
our aimless arrow-words
don’t mean a thing
so by now I think
it’s pretty obvious that there’s no God
and there’s definitely a God!

I dreamt of the rocks at the Asbury dunes,
and that you jumped from the top
of the Log Flume,
and they gather like wolves
on the boardwalk below
and they’re howling for answers
no wolf can know
I charged at the waves
With a glass in my hand
I was tossed like a ball
at the bottle stand
and I landed beside your
remains on the stones
where you cold fingers
wrapped around my ankle bone
while maybe ten feet away was a star
thousands of times the size of our sun
exploding like the tiny balloons
you’d throw darts at


“i wear chains that excite the Feds”


fuck the police

edit: already posted that, dayum nigga

well then, how about this one

“yeah whyo, whyo, economics, yeah”

best line of music lyric ever yeah


And you know it’s alright,
When you’re gonna bring down,
Take everything and live for the moment
It’s only gonna bring you down


Politics, religion, your vision’s the same
You played us, as both a cancer and a cure
Which reminds me that it’s just a game
You’re alibi’s a sales pitch
Your pretty boy, pretty face dolled up again
A star for us to adore
And you man you’ve got to be more
Cause this effects all.


Control has slipped away from me again
how heavy are these words
how heavy are these hands
they’re heavier than blood


I dig my hole, you build a wall
I dig my hole, you build a wall
One day that wall is gonna fall

Gon’ build that city on a hill
Gon’ build that city on a hill
Some day those tears are gonna spill


okura wa ato dorekurai junsui de ireru no darou
Egao no ura ni kage wo hisomete iru
EGO nado kore ijou shiritaku wa nai
How much longer can I remain pure?
I’m hiding a shadow on the other side of my smile.
I don’t want to know ego any more than this.