READ FIRST: Before your plea for help + Troubleshooting

Hello fellow scientists!

For those who installed Black Mesa without the installer, please ensure that the folder placed into “sourcemods” is named “BMS”:

[/b]This can help resolve issues with game saves, subtitles, chapter names, and possibly any other issues that may be caused by utilizing the wrong folder name. [b]

Please ensure that the folder name is correct before requesting help.

[/b]- Josh

Here is the sub-forum for Chapterwalkthroughs, tips on solving the game puzzles and helping about things not related to in-game bugs/glitches. For these, please refer to the In-game Issues sub-forum.

Before creating a new thread, please check if your question was already asked and answered in some existing thread. If you are stuck on a given chapter, do not create a new thread here… Instead, post your query on the corresponding " - Stuck here?" thread.

EDIT: Also, now there is a walkthrough video on each chapter page on the wiki to guide you in the game.[/SIZE]