Really bad balancing


Strangely enough, I don’t recall having any trouble burning through them with a shotgun. :freeman:


Does that actually look like latex to you? Honestly.


Well… yeah &

Well first encounter in armory was OK, but the second one in that big room full of containers was a bit hard… but it’s not about difficulty. It’s about how annoying it is to see them move like that (jumping, sprinting extremely fast, doing 360 rolls in the air) and constantly hitting you with every shot. Shotgun is the only usefull weapon against them since hitting them with anything else is almost impossible :smiley:


I do not know if you guys can read, but like I said, making unrealistic thus just stupid reaction times and inhuman accuracy is not the way to make a game harder. Listen, I would love to beat the game using tactics, not Rambo style, especially since this would fit Gordon, but there is no way to do so, because it’s impossible to surprise grunts and they always react immediately and accurately, which is completely unrealistic and absolutely not fun!!! They are human soldiers, not super robots! And even if they were super robots, this would be stupid and pointless, as they would simply shoot you in your head in 0,001 s and the game’s over. I guess everything except the grunts is well balanced. The grunts are the problem.


Agree with the OP. Not complaining. Just agreeing.
At least with the original game’s not-so-great a.i. system, i could at least PRETEND to sneak around. i’ve been playing -so far- on hard mode but had to tone it down at ONE SPOT. Repeatedly getting raped up the butt by marines wasn’t the issue; it was the fact that the ambush takes place JUST as the awesome soundtrack kicks in. i wanted to hear the music and kick some ass but i had to die and/or reload every 4 seconds.

it really killed the scene.

it would be great to sneak through the game the way Freeman would have actually done it. it’s unfortunate that enemies ALWAYS know where you are, even from miles away. Even at the dam scene, i had marines firing at me from half way across the dam AND EVERY BULLET CONNECTED. Hard should be hard, not unfair.

i’ve been abusing grenades like crazy and running into marines’ faces with the shotgun but it feels way too unrealistic and those tactics don’t work well in open areas. i save all my 357 ammo for sniping, which is kind of ironic. i think i’ve only used the MP5 a couple of times on headcrabs. i think i’ve found a whopping total of 6 grenades for it and i’m up to Surface Tension. Plus i’ll have you know, i am exploring the SHiT out of this game.

Found a couple of forum references so far and a few easter eggs!

-Kawai Tei-

EDiT+ :

Weren’t they robots in the German version of the game? LOL iT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!


A little tip from my side: Cover is key. There’s a really big rock near the slope. Cover behind it, wait for the chopper to stop firing, stand up, shoot and instantly take cover again to reload while the chopper fires again. Repeat multiple times. Done. Little annotation: Don’t just sit behind the rock. The chopper can get you from the right. So cover on the right and when the chopper flies over to the right, take a step to the left. Or simply: Keep that rock between you and the chopper at all times :slight_smile:

? ONE magnum shot and they’re done. I only tried that because of the achievement, because I thought that it would be super hard to get them with the magnum, but it’s actually quite easy (honestly). Just don’t shoot them when airborne, but rather when they’re running towards you (which happens, if you keep moving). You don’t need to headshot them. One shot in the chest (or anywhere else I guess) is lethal. If nothing works, just use the mp5’s secondary. [COLOR=‘Black’]You don’t need to save those, because you lose your weapons a minute later anyways :slight_smile:

Here I’m actually with you. Well kind of. I found them to be very quick, too, but just shoot them with the magnum. They don’t move a lot and one shot kills them (at least if you aim for the head). And even if they hit you, you won’t die from it and there are a lot of healthpacks in the game.


Damn spoilers. I haven’t reached those guys yet but I have found the game quite a lot harder than HL2 even on easy difficulty.


Yeah, I was doing exactly that. To be honest I died few times before using that cover because I was really not expecting that it will still fly after two hits, but when it killed me after hitting it 7 times I was really frustrated. This is not something that I want to see in HL. This belongs to stupid arcade games, not in game like this. And it looks super stupid when you see tank (a freaking TANK) die after FOUR shots. This imho must be changed no matter how you use the cover.

It’s only the chest or headshot. If you hit them in the hands / legs, they will take only 80% of weapon damage (they have 50 HP and magnum does 50 damage = only 40 damage if you hit them in hands / legs). They were a lot easier target in original HL since they always needed to stop when they were shooting. Here they are always moving, so it is quite difficult to hit them with magnum… but yeah, when you manage to hit them in the right spot it’s one shot kill :slight_smile:


You do realise that it is almost impossible to miss the chest/head with the Magnum right? Unless you really are bad at playing.

I hate the Magnum and how OP it is. So I only ever use it for killing those things that stick to walls in all of the HL games. That, and headshotting a few zombies when I have no ammo on anything else.


iridescent hexagonally woven latex?


I agree balance changed but I have nothing bad to say about it.
I find soldiers quite balanced at medium, I have not had hard times with them at all. I don’t like assault rifle, pistol is good for medium distance and shotgun is devastating at close range. It feels easy to take soldiers out by several pistol headshots after one or two hours of playing BMS. Even if you are not a sniper you just use more ammo, but it is not a problem, thanks to sufficient pistol ammo supplies.
Almost every fight I catch a bullet, but it keeps game interesting.
Turrets are dangerous and REAL, I hate them and I like them.
But bullsquids do not attack so furiously in close combat, that’s a pity.
I don’t have CS experience, I play only single companies in FPS, but I only reload BMS at medium when I failing a jump or smth like that.


Hivehand’s primary function is ever better than shotgun because hornets track escaping ops.


I have to say I agree with the OP. As an older FPS gamer that likes the exploration side of these games the most, I am finding the soldiers/turrets a bit too tough on easy skill.


Turrets hurt in all Valve games. Be it Portal/HL2 etc. Sure, this isn’t Valve. But I think the devs tried to keep that feature. Portals fire fast and hit hard. But they are also weak as and take only a few bullets to break. So you either toss a grenade at them, grin-and-bear it and shoot them enough times for them to break. Or you run past them. There is often a lot of cover to hide behind or to use to throw at them so they fall over.

Soldiers die very easily no matter what way you kill them. Those assassins, on the other hand… wait till you get up to those.


While there may be some balancing issues, I think the main source of the problem is that the difficulty levels are off. To me it feels like easy is about on par with hard in Half-Life 2 and just goes up from there.


Turrets* fire fast and hit hard.


So um, nobody cared for that suggestion?

Damn, it seemed like such a natural solution.


It’s not a bad idea.

Though in videogames some like it when enemies are predictable - it takes two shotgun blasts to kill this type of enemy, one magnum shot to kill a certain enemy, 9 bullets, whatever. And that also extends to the skills of the enemy, if certain enemies of the same type had better skills then others then I’m sure some people would moan that they got unkilled unfairly because the soldiers they had encountered so far did not have that degree of accuracy or reaction time and they did not prepare accordingly.

Personally, I don’t mind the idea, I like a bit of randomness. I think it’s cool that the enemies now have a 0.8 damage multiplier on their limbs, as it means sometimes when you shoot a soldier with the magnum it is an instant kill but other times you need a second shot, because you happened to hit their arm or something.


I agree with OP. The AI reacts way to fast and on normal difficulty that means losing to much health every time you meet an enemy.

I also dislike tendency of the submachinegun to waste all your ammo. Every time you push the trigger you lose at least three bullets. It’s an MP5, for crying out loud. As far as I know the MP5 doesn’t have a burst setting. It isn’t just a burst either, because if you hold down the trigger it goes full auto. So if it’s full auto, then why does it force a burst if you only want to fire one bullet?


There are ways to play most of the HECU fights without taking much damage. I had no problem blowing them away with exploding barrels, sneaking up behind them and taking out half of them before the fight really starts, rifle-grenading them in large groups and then hiding, or good old fashioned taking cover, then shooting them while they reload. There were maybe 2 or 3 fights with them where I felt totally overwhelmed, and I enjoyed the challenge (normal mode). The units I felt were not well balanced were the assassins. They could’ve posed more of a challenge, rather than being excessively evasive. I was able to kill one of them mid-air with the revolver because they just danced around a lot without attacking.


You miss the point; if the game is so hard that it’s not fun, it sucks no matter how you try to justify it.