Really bad balancing


Hi there :slight_smile:

I made something for the lazy ones - mesa: Rebalanced. I will be trying to implement your thoughts guys :slight_smile:



I love BM so far. I’ve found though, after a certain point I started to dread the HECU in an unenjoyable way. I fear them more than the Xenian creatures.

I do think the balance is slightly off. The times I have quicksaved and reloaded too many times is when facing the HECU. Even around a corner, its come to the point where I can’t figure out the correct way to take them on. In one case I resorted to throwing a charge to catch them out, even though it was only two of them. Somehow at this close range (Seeing them as soon as the door opened) was enough for them to kill me.

I don’t understand the debate about Half Life being a run and gun then other people saying USE COVER. I’m sure it wasn’t a cover based shooter like they are now and it doesn’t use ironsights. But cover works in moderation. I remember running and gunning in HL1, not in an unrealistic superman way, but to cover… But in BM I find if I try this, I get killed when in sight of the HECU nearly straight away.

I agree about the Houndeyes too. I do love them though, they’re cute. Did Valve ever release a plush version of one? Or was HL too long ago to get stuff in the Valve store, because I want one.

I remember reading in BM Houndeyes would appear more frequently, or at least when you encounter them they would be in larger groups. This is fine and very cute (sleeping houndeyes) but when they come at you, they are so close its hard to take them out without getting a ton of damage. They seem to attack too quickly.

Same with Vorts, they appear to hurt me before i’ve killed them so its come to the point that I will quickly try to kill them by rapidly firing the shotgun where as i’m sure in HL1 I used to take more of a tactical route with Vorts, where I could dodge the attack.

I’m no amazing FPS player though. HL games is one of the few FPS games I can enjoy and so far BM has been one of the most fun FPS’s ive played in a long time… Although it dropped a bit when the HECU came at me and I had to reload far too much.



This is well said. That, and I personally know quite a few navy seals and army rangers. They aren’t the absurd hair trigger killing machines you’d expect. Their reaction times are the same as any other human. They have to recognize a target, their brain has to process if it’s friend or foe, they have to raise their firearm and then shoot. The only thing the training does is make the “raise gun, shoot” part the go-to reflex. But it still isn’t that fast.

We were running MCI (mass casualty incident) scenarios in EMT school, and one of them recently was a school shooting, just like the nursing program shooting that occurred recently. We were trying to practice rapid extraction in a hostile environment, so we (two EMT’s) are sent in, surrounded by nine SWAT team (real swat team, mind you. They were doing a training scenario with us)

The speed that these guys react, while impressive, isn’t inhuman. They’re more tactical, less twitch. They were on edge too, because they were looking for the shooter, who wound up actually taking one of them down and causing a clusterfuck for my partner and I to get him out.

The point I’m making, is that the above poster is spot on. This isn’t an excusable, canon thing. It’s just a programming mistake that needs correction.

Marines in HL1 hard mode were no faster to reace to you, they just took a bit more damage and dealt a LOT more damage. But they still let you get a shot or two off before they had you sighted in. The first thing these grunts should do after hearing a shot is get the fuck to cover. That shit is SOP (standard operating procedure) the world over



I can’t say I noticed, but do the HECU reload? In some games you can time your attacks to when they aren’t going to shoot. But so far in BMS i’ve found I end up getting shot at while i’m attacking. Like we’re both standing there spraying each other…



We might have a workaround! :smiley:

Jesus tittyfucking christ. one tenth of a second? NOBODY REACTS THAT FAST.

What file is the reaction speed in?



Heh, you guys are wimps. I’m at Lambda Core on Hard mode. Just wait till you have to fight the assassins. Even with the lights on their heads those fuckers are tough to get a bead on.

For the most part I like the high level of difficulty because HL1’s grunts were already a nightmare to fight. People wanted a mod that brought Half-Life to source, and that’s exactly what they got, with grunts that die of lead poisoning instead of actual gunshot trauma. The only place it was really ridiculous was the sequence with the tank after the cliffside in Surface Tension. I died there like 24 times.



Try it with the skill.cfg values in this, then come back to me.

ai_force_serverside_ragdoll				"1"
ai_readiness_decay						"10"
sv_infinite_aux_power  "0"

// GamePlay
bms_normal_jump_vertical_speed				"160"
bms_normal_jump_crouch_vertical_speed		"160"
bms_double_jump_vertical_speed				"200"
bms_airboost_jump_vertical_speed			"80"
bms_airboost_jump_forward_speed				"360"
bms_airboost_jump_original_speed_mod		"0.25"
bms_long_jump_vertical_speed				"150"
bms_long_jump_horizontal_speed				"460"
bms_long_jump_delay							"1"

player_airtimer								"15" 
player_drown_dmg_intial						"5" 
player_drown_dmg_step						"2" 
player_throwforce							"2250"

// Items
sk_battery							"15"
sk_healthkit						"25"


sk_plr_dmg_crowbar					"40"
sk_plr_dmg_9mm						"8"
sk_plr_dmg_357						"75"
sk_plr_dmg_buckshot					"9"
sk_plr_dmg_grenade_mp5				"100"
sk_plr_dmg_grenade_rpg				"125"
sk_plr_dmg_bolt						"75"
sk_plr_dmg_energy					"35"
sk_plr_dmg_grenade_frag				"100"
sk_plr_dmg_grenade_satchel			"150"
sk_plr_dmg_snark					"15"
sk_plr_dmg_grenade_tripmine			"150"
sk_plr_dmg_grenade_hornet			"18"

sk_npc_dmg_9mm						"8"
sk_npc_dmg_357						"75"
sk_npc_dmg_buckshot					"9"
sk_npc_dmg_grenade_rpg				"125"
sk_npc_dmg_grenade_frag				"100"
sk_npc_dmg_snark					"15"
sk_npc_dmg_grenade_hornet			"18"

sk_max_9mm							"150"
sk_max_357							"18"
sk_max_buckshot						"64"
sk_max_grenade_mp5					"3"
sk_max_grenade_rpg					"3"
sk_max_bolt							"10"
sk_max_energy						"60"
sk_max_grenade_frag					"5"
sk_max_grenade_satchel				"3"
sk_max_snark						"10"
sk_max_grenade_tripmine				"2"
sk_max_grenade_hornet				"24"

// AMMO Pickup
sk_item_ammo_357_pickup				"12"
sk_item_ammo_crossbow_pickup			"5"
sk_item_ammo_energy_pickup			"20"
sk_item_ammo_glock_pickup			"17"
sk_item_ammo_mp5_pickup				"30"
sk_item_ammo_shotgun_pickup			"20"
sk_item_grenade_mp5_pickup			"1"
sk_item_grenade_rpg_pickup			"1"

sk_plr_grenade_rpg_airspeed			"5000" 
sk_npc_grenade_rpg_airspeed			"5000"
sk_grenade_rpg_precision			"1.0" 
sk_grenade_rpg_health				"15"

sk_grenade_lin_resistance			"0.2"
sk_grenade_ang_resistance			"0.2" 

sk_grenade_hornet_search_radius		"512" 
sk_grenade_hornet_airspeed			"1200" 
sk_grenade_hornet_npc_precision		"0.15"
sk_grenade_hornet_plr_precision		"0.15" 
sk_grenade_hornet_global_lifetime	"5"
sk_grenade_hornet_hit_lifetime		"1"
sk_grenade_hornet_autoaim_scale		"10"
sk_grenade_hornet_noise_magnitude	"45"
sk_grenade_hornet_noise_speed		"5"
sk_grenade_hornet_noise_gaussian	"50"

sk_tau_charge_max_velocity			"500"
sk_tau_beam_undercharged_dmg		"20"
sk_tau_beam_charged_dmg				"350" 
sk_tau_beam_penetration_bias		"0.9"
sk_tau_beam_penetration_depth		"48"

sk_gluon_consumption_rate		"1"

sk_plr_dmg_grenade_tow				"225" 
sk_npc_dmg_grenade_tow				"225" 
sk_grenade_tow_airspeed				"1500" 
sk_grenade_tow_precision			"1" 

// AI

sk_npc_head							"3"
sk_npc_chest						"1"
sk_npc_stomach						"1"
sk_npc_arm							"1"
sk_npc_leg							"1"
sk_npc_ricochet						"0.6" // scaled with the other modifiers!

sk_human_scientist_health			"100" 
sk_human_scientist_heal_amount		"30"
sk_human_scientist_heal_interval	"60" 

sk_human_security_health			"120"

npc_marines_crouch					"1"
npc_marines_crouch_delay			"5"
npc_marines_crouch_min_dist			"128"
npc_marines_crouch_min_health		"50"
npc_marines_melee_dmg				"40"
sk_human_commander_health			"150" 
sk_human_grenadier_health			"140"
sk_human_grunt_health				"140"
sk_human_medic_health				"120" 
sk_human_medic_health_amount		"70" 

sk_zombie_scientist_health				"80" 
sk_zombie_scientist_melee_range			"75"
sk_zombie_scientist_bullet_dmg_scale	"1"
sk_zombie_scientist_357_dmg_scale		"1"
sk_zombie_scientist_buckshot_dmg_scale	"1"
sk_zombie_scientist_blunt_dmg_scale		"1"

sk_zombie_security_health				"80" 
sk_zombie_security_melee_range			"75" 
sk_zombie_security_bullet_dmg_scale		"0.8"
sk_zombie_security_357_dmg_scale		"0.8"
sk_zombie_security_buckshot_dmg_scale	"0.8"
sk_zombie_security_blunt_dmg_scale		"0.8"

sk_zombie_dmg_one_slash				"25"
sk_zombie_dmg_both_slash			"50"

sk_headcrab_health					"30"
sk_headcrab_melee_dmg				"10"
sk_headcrab_min_jump_dist			"28" 
sk_headcrab_max_jump_dist			"256" 

sk_alien_slave_health				"90" 
sk_alien_slave_357_damage_scale		"1" 
sk_alien_slave_zap_cone				"0.5" // cos( 35 )
sk_alien_slave_dmg_zap				"50" 
sk_alien_slave_dmg_claw				"15" 
sk_alien_slave_claw_range			"75" 
sk_alien_slave_dispel_dmg			"75" 
sk_alien_slave_dispel_force			"450" 
sk_alien_slave_dispel_forcez		"256" 
sk_alien_slave_dispel_range			"192"
sk_alien_slave_dispel_time			"6"
sk_alien_slave_bullet_dmg_scale		"1"
sk_alien_slave_357_dmg_scale		"1"
sk_alien_slave_buckshot_dmg_scale	"1"

sk_bullsquid_health					"160" 
sk_bullsquid_whip_dmg				"65" 
sk_bullsquid_whip_range				"135" 
sk_bullsquid_whip_force				"450" 
sk_bullsquid_bite_dmg				"25" 
sk_bullsquid_bite_range				"76"
sk_bullsquid_spit_amount			"9" 
sk_bullsquid_spit_range				"2048" 
sk_bullsquid_spit_speed				"792" 
sk_bullsquid_spit_dmg				"6" 
sk_bullsquid_spit_radius			"96"
sk_bullsquid_bullet_dmg_scale		"0.65"
sk_bullsquid_buckshot_dmg_scale		"0.65"
sk_bullsquid_357_dmg_scale			"0.65"
sk_bullsquid_turn_rate				"15"

sk_ichthyosaur_health				"400" 
sk_ichthyosaur_melee_dmg			"150" 
sk_ichthyosaur_max_linear_speed		"800" 
sk_ichthyosaur_max_linear_accel_f	"512" 
sk_ichthyosaur_max_linear_accel_r	"256" 
sk_ichthyosaur_max_linear_accel_u	"256" 

sk_gargantua_melee_dmg						"600" 
sk_gargantua_flame_dmg						"10" 
sk_gargantua_flame_dmg_falloff_perc_dist	"64" 
sk_gargantua_flame_dmg_falloff_perc			"0.1"

//Alien Grunt
sk_alien_grunt_health				"250"
sk_alien_grunt_hornet_min_range		"167"
sk_alien_grunt_hornet_max_range		"2048"
sk_alien_grunt_melee_range			"94"
sk_alien_grunt_melee_jump_range		"166"
sk_alien_grunt_melee_dmg			"60"
sk_alien_grunt_front_dmg_scale		"0.6"
sk_alien_grunt_turn_speed			"30"
sk_alien_grunt_rage_threshold		"5"
sk_alien_grunt_rage_reset_delay		"10"

// Alien Controller
sk_controller_health					"160"
sk_controller_max_linear_speed			"600"
sk_controller_max_linear_accel_f		"350"
sk_controller_max_linear_accel_r		"350" 
sk_controller_max_linear_accel_u		"600" 
sk_controller_throw_next_attack			"8" 
sk_controller_lift_duration				"2.5" 
sk_controller_min_small_eballs			"4" 
sk_controller_max_small_eballs			"8" 
sk_controller_max_large_eballs			"3" 
sk_grenade_energy_dmg					"10" 
sk_grenade_energy_dmg_radius			"128" 
sk_grenade_energy_airspeed				"1000" 
sk_grenade_energy_precision				"0.001" 
sk_grenade_energy_large_dmg				"30" 
sk_grenade_energy_large_dmg_radius		"256" 
sk_grenade_energy_large_airspeed		"450" 
sk_grenade_energy_large_precision		"0.1" 

sk_human_assassin_pistol_damage			"8"
sk_human_assassin_pistol_spread			"0.04362"
sk_human_assassin_pistol_burstinterval	"0.2" 
sk_human_assassin_pistol_burstcount		"8"
sk_human_assassin_pistol_restinterval	"2" 
sk_human_assassin_health				"120" 
sk_human_assassin_melee_range			"75" 
sk_human_assassin_melee_damage			"50"
sk_human_assassin_jump_rise				"300" 
sk_human_assassin_jump_distance			"400" 
sk_human_assassin_jump_drop				"756" 
sk_human_assassin_flip_hratio			"256" 
sk_human_assassin_decloak_damage		"20" 
sk_human_assassin_decloak_flip			"3" 
sk_human_assassin_decloak_melee			"3" 
sk_human_assassin_decloak_shoot			"0.5" 
sk_human_assassin_force_cloak			"1" 
sk_human_assassin_pistol_range			"2048"

sk_sentry_ceiling_health				"150" 
Sk_sentry_ceiling_motorspeed			"350" 
sk_sentry_ceiling_scan_pitch			"22.5"
sk_sentry_ground_health					"75" 
sk_sentry_ground_motorspeed				"350"
sk_dmg_sentry							"15"
sk_max_sentry							"15"

sk_abrams_maingun_muzzle_damage			"100"
sk_abrams_maingun_muzzle_radius			"486"
sk_abrams_maingun_reload_time			"0.75"
sk_abrams_maingun_reset_time			"2"
sk_abrams_maingun_turn_speed_combat		"2.5"
sk_abrams_maingun_turn_speed_idle		"2.5"
sk_abrams_miniturret_burst_shots		"30"
sk_abrams_miniturret_burst_interval		"0.01"
sk_abrams_miniturret_rest_interval		"5"
sk_abrams_miniturret_turn_speed			"2.5"
sk_abrams_miniturret_damage				"15"
sk_abrams_body_ground_speed				"128"
sk_abrams_body_turn_speed				"10"
sk_abrams_health_stages					"300" 
sk_grenade_abrams_shell_dmg				"300" 
sk_grenade_abrams_shell_radius			"256"
sk_grenade_abrams_shell_airspeed		"7500"

sk_lav_health							"600" 
sk_lav_cal_radius						"128" 
sk_lav_cal_base_damage					"20" 
sk_lav_cal_radius_damage				"25" 
sk_lav_cal_fire_rate					"0.4" 
sk_lav_aim_speed						"2.5"
sk_lav_ground_speed						"128"
sk_lav_turn_speed						"5"

sk_apache_health						"400" 
sk_npc_dmg_grenade_apache_rpg			"125" 
sk_npc_radius_grenade_apache_rpg		"256" 
sk_grenade_apache_rpg_airspeed			"5000" 
sk_grenade_apache_rpg_precision			"0.5" 
sk_apache_fire_cone						"5" 
sk_apache_resttime						"1"
sk_apache_chargetime					"2" 
sk_apache_burst_count_max				"30" 
sk_apache_burst_count_min				"15" 
sk_apache_burst_hit_max					"5" 
sk_apache_burst_hit_min					"1" 
sk_apache_burst_interval				"5" 
sk_apache_rocket_resttime				"8"
sk_apache_rocket_resttime_nominigun		"8" 
sk_apache_rocket_barrage_count			"8" 
sk_apache_rocket_barrage_resttime		"4" 
sk_apache_rocket_barrage_bursttime		"0.1" 
sk_apache_boss_max_stages				"3"
sk_apache_boss_stage_0_health			"200" // minigun ( defined via map input )
sk_apache_boss_stage_1_health			"200" // minigun + rockets ( defined via map input )
sk_apache_boss_stage_2_health			"200" // minigun + beserk rockets ( defined via map input )
sk_apache_boss_stage_3_health			"75" // not used

sk_barnacle_health						"80"
sk_barnacle_bullet_dmg_scale			"1"
sk_barnacle_357_dmg_scale				"1"
sk_barnacle_buckshot_dmg_scale			"1"
sk_barnacle_blunt_dmg_scale				"1"

sk_houndeye_health						"75" 
sk_houndeye_blast_dmg					"100" 
sk_houndeye_blast_force					"450" 
sk_houndeye_punch_angle					"10" 
sk_houndeye_blast_radius				"156" 
sk_houndeye_bullet_dmg_scale			"1"
sk_houndeye_357_dmg_scale				"1"
sk_houndeye_buckshot_dmg_scale			"1"
sk_houndeye_blunt_dmg_scale				"1"

sk_osprey_health						"900"

//Snark Hive
sv_snark_hive_health					"50"
sv_snark_hive_count						"15"

sk_plr_dmg_sniper_round					"100"
sk_npc_dmg_sniper_round					"100"
sk_max_sniper_round						"30"

sk_mine_damage							"100" 
sk_mine_bounds_xy						"24" // 128 units ( -64 min and 64 max )
sk_mine_bounds_z						"64" // 128 units ( -64 min and 64 max )
sk_mine_damage_radius					"128" 

sk_grenade_mortar_dmg					"45" 
sk_grenade_mortar_range					"400" 
sk_grenade_mortar_shakeduration			"1.5" 
sk_grenade_mortar_shakeradius			"640" 

// Surgery Bot
sk_prop_surgerybot_force				"400"
sk_prop_plr_damage						"155"

Add those commands to the skill.cfg under Local Disc(letter :slight_smile: – or what ever you named the hard drive…\Steam\Steamapps\Sourcemods\BMS\cfg

Edit: The skill.cfg will execute each time the game loads a map (for some reason – waste of system resources imo) so don’t worry about executing it manually. It’s only loaded once. If you make any more changes, you need to type exec (.cfg’s name) in the console to reload the values.



I just wanted to state that I really, really love this mod. It’s made me fall in love with Half-Life…and I’ll be honest, I hated the game before I played this. I now ‘get’ why Half-Life is so awesome. Don’t ask me how or why. I even redownloaded Half-Life 2. My one issue is the balance, and i’d like to thank AutoDMC for stating my issues with the game far more eloquently than I ever could.

Devs…you done awesome, but please listen to AutoDMC.



Most original “AutoDMC you’re way too TL;DR” goes to accatyyc! :smiley:

Yes, with the provided convars set to the values recommended

ai_reaction_delay_alert “0.3”
ai_reaction_delay_idle “0.75”

I find the reaction time of the Marines to be much more… enjoyable to play. When I’ve tipped them off they’re alert and killing me like they should, but when I surprise them (like I walked around the corner and went face to face with a Marine) I feel like I actually have a chance to react first.

Thank you, Chickenprotector, for those convars. They have made the difference in fighting those damn Marines. I’ve now made it through Questionable Ethics, including the battle outside, and I feel like the Marines are much less superhuman.

Seriously, Chickenprotector. If you’re ever in Houston let me know. I owe you a beer.

Indeed, this completely resolved my balance issues with the Marines. And for those who think the marines are too slow, you can ramp it up as well.

Tie that in with reducing the penalty for limb shots and increasing the power of headshots and my enjoyment factor in combat has gone up to nine thousand. I hear Marines and I’m now “COME AT ME BRO”.

With that said, they don’t make the Marines slouches, either. The final battle in Questionable Ethics in the main lobby still handed my ass to me on an HEV suit platter six times until I played way more tactical. I felt like the Marines had to be more tactical as well in order to actually hit me; I could sprint for cover or dash at a Marine; if they weren’t looking at me I could dash up, pump him full of shotgun rocks and dive for cover without having to be a damage tank. I ENJOYED AN HECU BATTLE. This means a lot.

Increasing the headshot damage and upping the regular bullet damage a smidge helps make the SMG and pistol a way more viable weapon in the game. It’s now a medium to long rage weapon instead of a short range weapon.

Now, because I know I can sneak into range better, I’ve gotten a better view of the squad tactics of the Marines and they do a good job of forming two gun teams, advancing with fire, etc.

Now I just need the tentacle monster to be more distractable… is there a convar for that? :smiley:

For reference, my convars now read:

ai_reaction_delay_alert “0.3”
ai_reaction_delay_idle “0.75”
sk_plr_dmg_9mm “8”
sk_npc_head “3”
sk_npc_arm “1”
sk_npc_leg “1”



I think this is the REAL issue.

The game only seems hard to some because modern games have really dumbed people down.



Thank you!:slight_smile:

I think all we really need is crouch-walking being totally silent, like in Half-Life The Original. Unless the noise doesn’t matter. :v



I’m not entirely convinced the Space Octopus even uses it’s senses. Without being able to see the code, this is based just on inference, but the fact the dashing for the ladder works AT ALL (try that in Gold Src, you’ll die as soon as you move non-crouching) and the whole scene with the Security Guard shooting at the tentacle monster for your first dash. That just smacks of bandaid-fixing the tentacle monster, as it’s so distracted by the guard you have a chance to make the long first dash.

So I don’t even know if the stealth works at all. But combine that with the fact that it’s distraction seems to last only a second or so, it makes that whole room bang and run instead of panic-attack-inducing crouch fest.

That “puzzle” is exactly the opposite of everyone keeping whining that our reaction time complaints are just modern games making us sloppy. No matter how many times I explain that I don’t play modern games simply because I don’t like shooters with Half Life being the only exception this will be their go-to explanation to ignore us. In the case of the Tentacle Monster, the “new fangled run and gun” solution is the one that works*. Stupid AI isn’t clever, so just distract it for a second with a grenade then run for the door. In this case, the original Half Life solution (crouch the whole way, spam nades when you make a mistake, and for the love of G-Man don’t get a cramp in your crouching finger!!!) would be the “right way” as it takes strategy to beat a smart AI.

  • Which is why it never occurred to me until I read somebody recommend that on the forum, and I couldn’t believe it would work until I tried it, because that’s so the wrong solution to that problem.


Just started it yesterday. Huge improvement, the maps are way better, and everything seems more logical in the way things are placed and the way people act. Guards are more efficient, voices are great.
But I agree there’s a serious problem with the enemies.
Here’s my opinion about the enemies I encountered so far.

  • Headcrabs are almost perfect. Maybe just a tad too easy.
  • Zombies are perfect. They hit faster than they used to, but hey, they were too easy in the original.
  • Houndeyes are better than they used to. Smarter, do more damage, … However, I miss their good ol’ powerloading sound. And I don’t like the fact that they keep loading when you hit them with the crowbar. In the original HL, they stopped it (uncharged) when they were hit with the crowbar (which seemed more logical. Taking a crowbar in the face should disorientate one).
  • Slaves/Vortigaunts powerload way too fast. They used to be a lot slower, but a bit more powerful.
  • Barnacles are fine
  • Bullsquids are fine. Their venom hitting a large portion of the floor adds an interesting challenge. But sometimes it feels like their spit is homing, and “follows” the player.
  • Marines are way too hard. They’re too fast and too accurate to be human. I used to sneak behind them without being seen, and think about a nice way to surprise them. Now all I can do is run and shoot, and I can’t possibly kill one without being hurt.

Other than that, the mod is excellent. It has an interesting creepy atmosphere reminding me of Doom3. Apart from the enemies problems, the only thing that isn’t perfect to me is the jump. I think it should be a little higher, or slower, I don’t know. Also a bit surprising to get the 357 at the office complex instead of the shotgun, but not a big deal.



I’m finding .357 too a little to common. I literally made my way through We Got Hostiles using only the .357 and the crowbar. I also found Blast pit way too short, and the tentacle damage is nerfed, one hit me 3 times and I didn’t die :meh:



So I have to agree with the others (especially OP) about the reaction times for enemies in BMS. To put it simply, they are inhuman. But you know what, I can deal with that.

My problem with the balance as that the bad guys never miss. The grunts never shoot wide even when they’re caught flatfooted (and by the way this applies even if the bad guys are half a mile away from you). The spit from the bullsquids is practically a heat-tracking missile even when you’re running full tilt. But my personal absolute least-forgiving observation is the helicopter at the dam.

This thing always knows where I am, even when I’m hiding in a building with no windows. I’ve seriously seen the bullets tracking me through a concrete wall. I can tell because I see the dust raised from their impact, and it’s always in a direct line between me and the copter. Worse yet, even when I jump into the water and swim halfway to the bottom, the helicopter is still dead-locked onto me.

This is unacceptable. There needs to be a correction to the AI tracking that will allow you to take at least some benefit from getting under cover. Otherwise what’s the point of using terrain? The only option right now is to have a straight up slugging fest with everyone you meet, because you are incapable of hiding once an enemy notices you.



I think the CS-playing marines are actually just under too challenging to be fun; it’s enhances the feel of being a random schlub in body armor against highly trained killers.



Been a while since I posted here, and I’m tired so I haven’t read through this, but yeah, I’m noticing a lot of things I agree with here.

I’m usually a bit rubbish at FPSs (though I can usually dominate the Half-Life games), and BM’s been utterly destroying me on Normal. So far, it’s been frustrating but I’ve managed to troop past it, which is satisfying, but there’s one part that I really, really, think needs some rebalancing.

The cliff sequence in Surface Tension is bloody beautiful, going to say that. The marines and turret are both fine, they’re not what bothers me. What bugs me here is the bloody helicopter - I went in there with full suit charge and full health, by the time I got out I had about 30 health if that, and it took dozens of tries. The helicopter takes… How many rockets in BM? It’s just way too hard at this point, I’m sorry.

I don’t have an issue with difficult games (in fact, I bloody love games like Ninja Gaiden where skill and reaction time is everything), but I don’t like having to constantly quick-save, quick-load, repeat ad infinitum just to get past one section.

It might just be me, but I think I should mention it anyways.



I personally think that the variables to alter the marines reaction times should be in a stickied thread. Or at least put somewhere people are more likely to see it.



Uhm, helicopter is better treated with Tau cannon - one full charge and several shots is sufficient to scare the heli off on the dam itself (100500 marines and pistol ‘shootout’ cost me more time/deaths and effort than heli, two full charges and several ‘bursts’ are enough to kill it on the cliffside… Just find a place behind the crates to hide from rocket splash damage.

Seriously, helicopter or tanks are not the problem… weak MP5 and pro marines are. I died crapton of times in biodome hall (nice idea btw, welding of opfor and hl1), because i cant shoot 5 perfect shots in the head from x-bow and hide good enough… :fffuuu:



Huh, really? I’ll have to try that again, it didn’t really seem to work for me at first…