Rebinding joystick axis and keystrokes

This is a little difficult to explain, so TL;DR on the bottom. i want to bind WASD-like movement to an analog joystick…

…aaaaaaaaand keep mouse-look bound to mouse. When i play FPS’ like Half-Life with gripping story sections or when i play scary games, i like to emote. My fiance likes to watch and she likes how i play games, so it’s not uncommon for me to ham it up and “act” with my character. i like to walk, move slowly, gradually speed up and generally move in a more natural manner.

My roomie just got one of these and he was disappointed that he can’t rebind the analog stick. While trying to find a solution, i got an idea. Something that’s always driven me crazy in FPS’ is that with WASD, there’s only two or three speeds your character can move; walk, run, sprint. With an analog stick you get a more natural flow of motion. …but i can’t aim worth shit with another stick. What i want to do is use a combination of analog stick in my left hand and mouse in the right.

i used to play older FPS’ back in the day with this setup so i’m used to it and find it comfortable. i use a Dualshock2 via PS2/USB dongle.

Problem is now, every freakin’ game with kystick support uses 360 control binds for their “joystick” option. it’s TWO sticks or no sticks; and may God help you if you want X and Y toggled or sticks flipped or UP/Down/Strafe switched to UP/Down/Turn toggled or whatever. What i want is to use the left thumbstick for the same forward/backpedal/strafe functions as WASD would be used while using the mouse for head movement only. i use a Logitech G500 so i have plenty of buttons to use in both hands, including shoulder buttons and L3 on the PS2 controller.

in Source, “joystick controls” automatically assign look Up&Down and strafe Left&Right to the left stick and Forward&Backpedal and turn Left&Right to the right stick. There’s no conceivable way within the game to flippy flop or reassign axis. is there a way OUTSiDE the game to rebind joystick buttons, keyboard keys and joystick axis to NEW ones using another driver? Back in the day, when i wanted to switch keys in a DOS and Win95 games that didn’t have the options for it, i used to rebind keyboard keys to others via a background-running rebinding tool OUTSiDE the game programming. i’m curious if i can find and use something similar (if it exists) to rebind joystick controls and key strokes to NEW ones.

ie: rebind “space” to “joy6”, “L-shift” to “joy7”, “R” to “joy8”. Reassign L-stick Y-axis to R-stick Y-axis, etc. in short, i want to rebind KEYS, no actions.

-Kawai Tei-

TL;DR : i’m a sucker for pacing gameplay and emoting in games. i’m also a double-jointed freak who wants to play with a combination of joystick and mouse. Problem is, no games i play bind the proper movements to joystick controls. is there a way i can re-bind X&Y for individual sticks to new functions and bind keyboard keys to joystick buttons?

You might give this a try:

you have bigger problems than making your joystick work