Requirements of Steam Version

HI everyone, I’m looking towards buying Steam version, because I finished a few days ago the Mod version, and loved every tiny bit of it.

But, I’m wondering if my PC will be able to run it, since I can run okeyish the mod version. I have a 1gb video card, and a old i7 core, with 4 gb ram. Will be that okey to play at minimun at least?

Your gpu is below the official minimum specs. It will play the game but some areas will have low framerates.

And Xen will be playable? Or even worse than Surface tension for example? I really want to try it out since I played this game on 2012 and now I made a replay (just a side note)

Probably worse than surface tension. You can buy it, try out zen and see what you think and refund it if you’re not happy. If i was you I’d wait for it to come out of early access.
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