Hello everybody, i want to create a project of Rev-Amp, but more of that! It’s give to BM improved and (sence) in some areas, cause the game itself, it’s too small and out of sence in some parts, and areas, so I’m looking for some help, and if the creators like it,
what im proposing? Im not a expert on hammer, but i have very good ideas, and i have a couple of friends, whos are architects, and they are guide me how can i be the place, with differents conditions. soon illl make an exaple of what’s im saying, im just a fan and i wan’t to improve the game, cause the game, and the dev deserv a little help.


So you want to expand Black Mesa and give it additional areas? That’s certainly a worthy goal, but can you maybe give us a bit more information on what exactly you want to add?


Soon !, im starting with Sector C, D. doing it together for a good fit, and im go to desing where can go the personal facilities, bathrooms, server roons, security deployment zones, central ventilation area where connect the conducts, for others areas and more floors to sector C, D (but not accessible area to other floors, for not changing the history) im going to make a general plan of all, and well see, if you can help me cause you are a good mapper that’s would be a good news for me i have free time this month. (Sidenote, im just adding a news areas and reworking other based on the original game, with not changing too much anything


I don’t know if I’ll be able to contribute directly to the project as I’m rather busy, but I’d be happy to answer questions and help plan. One thing you may find useful are the maps several users have made of the entire BMRF, showing where there are significant gaps. .RK has made one that is 100% true to the geometry of the levels in the game, and I’ve also made one that is a bit more interpretative and aims to fix some of the game’s overlaps and confusing elements.


Every help it’s good, for me, thanks! have you discord for send you pictures if you whant to see it what im trying to do.


It’s also possible to post screenshots, altered screenshots, and other web-hosted images directly to the forums.


Why does this sound oh so familiar? Although I think the last time the words “I am a leet mapper” were used. Or am I mistaken?


i don’t know of who are you talking :'D so you are in mistake.


I want to show this part from BM_C1A1C, only the first floor, you can take the elevator with its detailed for inside, im planing you jump inside of the elevator but you have get out before he fall, so you can go down, as the original map, just that little change, and the security cabin, it’s that big circle in the middle of the area, it’s a checkpoint zone ho connect the sector C with the Coolant Reserve Secotr B, and that’s should explain why you can get the pistol cause the scene of the fallen GUARD is inside, and the yellow zone is, a no accesible area, it’s just for justifice the sector D population.


Well that’s certainly a decent start; it’s a little hard to tell from the extreme zoom but there don’t seem to be any of the usual first-timer mistakes like leaks or misaligned textures of crazily off-grid walls. I am having a hard time placing this with respect to the original c1a1c but the map design LOOKS interesting enough and fairly well-structured. What are all the small rooms for? Coolant tanks?


Thats are manholes for pipes, i edit the other comentary pls check.


[attach=5850,none,1920][/attach]Well here a little update of the global map, i’ll place the test chamber later, and others things, i just hope some DEV like it, i want to speak with some of they.


That is an incredibly colourful Hammer! What’s with your nodraw texture?


Thank you I guess, I did not know his name was “nodraw”.


Hello cause it take too much time do the maps in hammer, ill will change the hammer for sketchup + valve plugin, for make a mapping more faster and better, in all aspects, wish me luck.


Small pet peeve:
The manifest in hammer. :slight_smile: It just takes up a lot of space for … nothing.
Also save your maps with lowercase and no spaces, the console really doesn’t like spaces.